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skinnislandbreezeMeg here! It’s funny how we think we know things. I was so off the mark with this one! I was consulting for a shampoo company and they wanted to know what I thought their new shampoo and conditioner line should smell like. I personalized it and thought about scents that I find pleasing. My initial thoughts were jasmine, freesia, gardenia, pretty much any white blossom. Was I wrong? Yes, I was SO WRONG! Scent is pretty much the most personal thing ever, I was lucky I didn’t turn in my floral favorites. I would have ended up alienating a huge part of the market.

How did I save the situation before it became a grave mistake? I asked the smartest consumers around! I asked you! Yes, the Megheads solved that dilemma (as you do with most of them.)

I asked 6 months back “What do you want to smell like in your shower?” (Marketing exec’s play close attention here, I did the homework for you.) The overwhelming answer? VACATION! The second runner-up? Subtle and clean.
I would like to introduce shower products that deliver both of those results. Famed make-up artist Dmitri Jame’s Skinn line has come out with an “Island Breeze Set.” We were sent the Island Breeze Body Wash to test out!

The answers that you ladies provided me with were a bit more in depth than “Vacation” although that is the overall feeling you’re looking to convey! The actual notes that have you all transported? Coconut and “the smell of suntan lotion.”

The description for Island Breeze body wash “This gentle, detergent-free body wash will pamper your skin with a blend of tropical moisturizers, emollients and fruit extracts including Coconut Milk and Tahitian Noni. This luscious formula will gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin feeling magnificently soft and craving your next shower.” Sounds up the alley of what a lot of you are looking for.

I pinked the pink bottle because we have pink accents in our bathroom. Don’t act like you never pick packaged products that match your powder room decor because I won’t believe you! There are a few pink tiles and my shower is a pale pink so yeah, I’m going with the pink body wash.

The wash suds up nicely, not big over-the-top suds but it more lathers. The pump bottle size is generous and while the scent is there and definitely lingers, it’s not all overpowering. Your skin feels baby soft after your shower and we’ve had (me and the roomies) the bottle for quite a while.

came home for her lunch break today while I was writing this post. I asked her if she had anything she wanted to contribute. She did. “I always use that wash, Ethan told me that it makes me smell like spring. He likes it.” So there you go! Apparently, smelling like vacation is pleasing to both sexes.

Dmitri Jame’s has a sale going on where you get 4 products from the island breeze collection for $44.

I’ve been traveling and on the go so much it’s nice to be able to take a tropical escape without actually having to leave my house!

How about you? What are you using in the shower? What makes you part with your dollars in a body wash and lastly, admit it! Do ever buy a product “just because” it looks pretty on your sink or in your shower?

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