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Dior “Waterlily” Nail Lacquer for Spring 2012!

Dior “Waterlily” Nail Lacquer for Spring 2012!

diorvernisI love black anything: it’s easy to buy, works for travel, and goes from day to night effortlessly! Goddess Granny’s wardrobe currently looks like a sea of black and although it’s a struggle,I am really trying to break away from so much darkness this year! I am not a “small girl” and feel that bright colors proclaim things about me better left hidden but there needs to be a bit more color in my life! Working on it…baby steps and starting with accessories and as the “look” this Spring 2012 is ALL about the glam inspired by the era of the Roaring 20’s, I’m going to actually enjoy adding a few things that aren’t quite so dark and heavy so I too can feel like a dolled up flapper-girl!

It really all has “been done before” in one incarnation or another: I read constantly and have file after file saved to my “reading list” if I even suspect that a designer or brand as hit on something fresh: I’ve sure been around long enough to know what’s what by now so “new” really has to be just that to grab me anymore! What I am seeing that I LOVE is “pops if color used in unusual ways…” Yes, the classic red lip/ winged eyeliner rules for Spring and of course, I’m not sure a nude lip/smudgy shadow will EVER be “wrong” again but I am noticing some new uses of products like a shot of turquoise at the outer corner of the eye and a dab of fuchsia in the center of the lips on an otherwise neutral face.I like this because it’s unexpected and really does give one cause to pause and notice the beauty of the wearer! It also says that someone IS on top of what’s current and that’s cool too…beauty re-defined for a new year. Color used as an accessory if you will…

Dior: just the name reeks of class, exquisite chiffon couture gowns,flawlessly- fragile females representing the brand (Natalie Portman currently…) divine scents, and a history of getting it right in everything this design-house creates! Their 5-color eyeshadow’s are on everyone’s “best” list and who among us hasn’t tried “Diorshow” mascara and proclaimed it’s THE best even at an elevated price? Their stuff is just that good! I LOVE The new very recently released collection of cosmetics for Spring 2012 named “Garden Party”: these are not the delicate dewdrop shades that you have to pack on for any real effect but newly formulated colors for eyes and lips that scream with brilliance even for all their lightness! I have these new pastel but vibrant eyeshadow’s on their way to me and think that with this collection, Dior has set a new bar for their use of color and feel it will be a sellout all the way around.

Dior Nail Lacquer is not one of the “brands” that people generally are willing to get on a “wait list” for but I think that’s changed with the two new shades for Spring! One is an unusual rosy-lilac named “Forget Me Not” and the other is “Waterlily” shown above and it has everyone talking and ordering! It isn’t a “dupe” for anything else around because of the shade and finish: it’s a shimmered,pearlized Spring-grassy shade of elegant green that is also….rose scented! Dior’s applicator brushes are a manicurist’s dream as they are wide and perfectly tapered,aka foolproof! This lacquer glides on and actually covers in one coat but two are always best for proper opacity:it’s not a “shiny finish” and you’ll need a topcoat if you like that look but more of a satin…think Duchesse satin,the fabric of high-end wedding gowns that flatters because it creates an unmistakable gleam of light that flatters perfectly! The product is rose-scented as well after it dries and it’s said that the scent lasts “up to four days…” It’s not a plasticky-rose scent or anything cloying or heavy, just a gentle breeze of rose that says,”Yes,I’m sexy and I know it!” when you wave your hands around…beautiful butterfly that you are!

I think the reason I ordered this immediately is because it IS “different” especially if you wear it with a classic makeup look which for me is one of the noted above applications and it seems to look “best” paired with a simple outfit and minimal accessories but boy does it get attention and compliments! Pedicure-proper for the less daring but this is truly a headliner for Spring 2012 and destined to be desired by many! So while I’m still deciding exactly how to get a more colorful wardrobe, I’m to ally going with “Waterlily” to keep things fresh while I evolve! I think a daring 1920’s female would approve!

The insanely elegant Dior website is just a dream to browse and you can see how the colors in this exciting collection work together as well as buying your own own rose-scented “Waterlily” while you still can!

I use, love, and buy all brands but sometimes, “couture” is the only way to go: these designers tend to set the trends that others are quick to follow but the shades are never quite as fabulous! Do you also indulge in a bit of “the best” when it comes to an incredible color or product?

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