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dianab1Sweetassgal has come to a conclusion about her too cluttered decor’…its time to get all Western Style Feng Shui on its ass!  Yes Meghead’s…I’m in full simplification mode.  I started small just going around the house getting rid of tchotchke (geegaws, dust collectors, brickabrack…whatever you call it) and soon realized “MY GOD…HOW many shot glasses from far away destinations do I NEED?”…answer =NONE! I’m letting everyone I know off the hook for future souvenirs.  Second sweep I hit drawers and closets and started pulling out things I haven’t used in a year and don’t need.  Feeling exhilarated I took a deep breath and hit the Behemoth…my walk in closet.  Riding the wave of simplicity I started yanking hangers and tossing GASP…SHOES!  I quite easily boxed up about 30 pairs and at least 4 jumbo garbage bags of clothes that were too small or no longer stylish.  

I even hit the “Leaning Tower of Bath Products” disaster also known as my tub getting rid of inferior product, old unused samples and those “generic chick gifts”.  You know the kind.  That gift box of assorted crappy smelling seasonal bath gels some relative gave you out of last minute sheer panic.  You re-gift it…don’t you?  ADMIT IT!  I thought so.  Thinking of my loved one’s here at Meg’s sans bathtubs (I heard you loud and clear last review) I began to feel a little “neener neener neener…I’ve got a bathtub and you don’t!” Bitchy…I decided to look through my wares and review something GREAT for the deserving Shower Set!

Diana B’s Green Tea Desert Grapefruit Bath Gel
was the PERFECT choice!  Not only is this squeeze tube shower friendly for storage and application but it just so happens it does about TEN jobs in one!  #1 – cleanses beautifully – #2 – luxurious lather moisturizes to silky perfection – #3 – instant energizer from the grapefruit – #4 Intoxicating aromatherapy from the green tea – #5 – entices your significant other to join you in the shower – #6 – lathers enough to double as shave cream – #7 – washes off without that squeaky soap film – #8 – the scent lingers in your bathroom keeping the air fresh and lively – #9 – the scent lingers on YOU keeping YOU fresh and lively and #10 – is SO addicting you are compelled to try the accompanying Sugar Scrub just to give you another excuse for a before bed shower, skin polish, and after shower fresh smelling ROMP!  Try it…you’ll see.  Add the scrub to a half empty shower gel tube and you’ve got easily applied and SHOWER safe application for a great cleansing and exfoliating duo!

Lover friendly scent aside (no joking here…my Sweetassguy came barreling in the first time I used it so it’s a two-fer if you are looking for one bath product to do double duty for both sexes) this is quality, but spendy product.  Aloe Vera, seaweed extracts, Spirulina and chamomile are all naturally infused into the product to give you the kind of superior shower gel experience that is salon spa worthy.  Diana B “Be Beautiful” boasts products able to transform your skin to silk.

Not only do they have wonderful shower delights but check out the website for sunless tanning and to die for candles as well.  Spa experience at home…and in the SHOWER too!  So go on my Shower Sirens…

Indulge in a little Diana B Green Tea and Desert Grapefruit Shower Gel and try to resist the urge to gush a gratifying GLAM ON!!!

What do you bathing beauties think of Diana B and to those that only have showers-what are you grabbing for to make your shower a spa-like experience?

Check out the whole line at here!

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