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Meg here! I’m not alone anymore it is so great! I have two of the most fabulous co-workers now that are real life day-to-day life colleagues. Eleni and MissRo work with me tirelessly. On top of putting in days that go from 9am until (so not kidding) some nights midnight and yeah, some weekends-they’re also supposed to keep me on my toes. I’m about as effective as Michael Scott. They are so on their A-Game constantly. I try to sneak stuff by…

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting our product/inventory/content directory/operations manager Eleni-you’ll see within the first 5 minutes that NOTHING gets by her-NOTHING.

I get sent a lot of beauty products to try and I hate to buy when I don’t have to. I reviewed Diana B. Bath Gel in Peach Frangipani years back and I got hooked. It smells so incredible to me. The lather is divine, I don’t know what happened but I started to get the “Oh boy, you smell yummy-what are you wearing?” When I had no perfume on, just the linger from my Peach Frangipani bath gel.

I ran out of it and like an addict I started to buy it! I thought that I was being nuts. I get sent every bath gel in the world FOR FREE and I was buying a $30 bath gel.

Picture it, not St. Olaf but Bel-Air California. I was at a swanky fabulous super famous women’s pahtay. I went to use her bathroom. Being the product whore I am, while on the twalay, I looked at her amazing view. There in the shower was my beloved Diana B. Peach Frangipani bath gel! It was cemented. I was right, I was worth it!

Cut to the office…

Meg: Eleni, can you request some peach bath gel from Diana B.?

Eleni: I don’t like peach, why does that name sound familiar?

Meg: Oh, I think they have other scents….Umm, will you ask them for the bath gel please.

Eleni: No, I see in my notes we reviewed it a few years ago. You already did this product.


At this point, Eleni will roll her eyes and send the email. See what happens when you have brilliant women helping you on your way?

There was a study done in England that women use TWO FULL YEARS of their life getting ready in their bathrooms. TWO YEARS!! A chunk of that time is spent in the shower. I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy my life. I want to love my me-time and I want to lather us in such glory that I’m confident for the day. I used to hide the Diana B. from my (maybe that’s why he is?) Ex-husband because it felt decadent and I just love it!

So hand me the tube of my black and pink Diana B. and back away slowly so no one gets hurt. I love how the white peaches and the frangipani flower scent combine to bring me right there with all the glitterati! I mean, cut me a break, it’s TWO YEARS of my life I’m never getting back!

I’ve gone on for too long about the hidden gems of the Diana B. line. I’m getting all worked up thinking of all the Diana B. products I absolutely adore! I’m due for a peach infused cold shower!

Treat yourself or A PERFECT GIFT! Who else has tried Diana B. ‘s Bath Gels? What scent have you tried? Yum and Yum!

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