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KPDUTYStylemama here! It is good to be back! Sometimes you go on a trip and have fun but really relish the idea of sleeping in your own bed, right?  Other times you go away, and have thoughts of uprooting your entire family and never looking back.  For me, Maui is that special place.  After all, tropical environments are awfully good for people with my particular skin ailments.   Justification? Possible denial? You bet.

On to the meat, yes, I’m talking about Keratosis Pilaris (KP), again.  Listen, I hear the collective sighs, I’m right there with you, but chronic problems warrant chronic discussions.  At times, I’m even the KP Ambassador.  Do I like the title? Hell No! Do I deserve it? Well, Yeaaahhh.  Alas! I embrace my funky skin, flaws and all.   (Most of the time.)  My goal is to help my sister-sufferers to do the same.  Is it working yet? Is it? Is it?

Our faithful Leader sent some fantastic products to help me with m’bumps!  Thanks Meg!   I’m talking about DERMAdocotor’s KP Duty Dry Skin Repair Kit.  The lovely and talented Dr. Audrey Kunin, created the impressive DERMAdoctor line, (Have you seen her? She’s awful purhty.)  The good doctor just made my life a little easier.  (I love it when that happens.)   If you have KP problems and questions, get ready to find the answers with this impressive kit.

KP Duty is a two-part system than works incredibly well when used together.  It’s simple, use the scrub in the shower and the accompanying lotion in place of your regular moisturizer.   The scrub is not recommended for the face but trust me this Doc has plenty of other delights to choose from if facial skin is your main problem area.  In fact, I could write an entire review on her website alone.  Impressive.

Both my daughters inherited KP from me so I will never stop looking for the best treatments out there.  By far, this two-part system has become my absolute favorite.  The scrub is basically non-scented.   At most you detect a very subtle, light and clean non-scent, scent.  The same goes for the lotion.  In addition to the stellar results, I haven’t experienced ANY irritation.   Happy times.

You can purchase the system for $60.00, and it is worth every penny.  In the past, I’ve spent less and every single time, my results matched the price tag: cheap and short-lived.  KP Duty delivers, period.

If you are into the science behind why this magical duo works, the scrub contains 15% Buffered Glycolic Acid (superior AHA), Lactic Acid (potent AHA-stimulates cell renewal), Azelaic Acid (antibacterial qualities, reduces pigment abnormalities, and normalizes disordered growth of skin cells) Green Tea*, Willow Bark*, Algae Extracts*(*reduces redness, irritation, inflammation, and provides antioxidant protection) and Polyethylene Beads (non-abrasive physical exfoliation).

WHEW!  You scientific smarty-pant types should be impressed with all those awesome ingredients!  Me, I’m just thrilled it works so damn well!

As far as the lotion, smarty pants part II:  it contains Glycolic Acid (superior AHA), Sodium Glycolate (Glycolic Acid Salt-aides in preventing irritation), Green Tea (EGCG-a major antioxidant), Urea (humectant), Sodium Hyaluronic (potent hydrating agent), and Dimethicone (reduces moisture evaporation).

There you have it!  Parts 1 and 2, both impressive because of all the science behind it, but also because I say so!  What?  I am the ambassador.

I should also add, this dual-part system  works beautifully for the KP-free among you.  The lotion is perfect for those with very dry skin, while the scrub does a great job of prepping the skin for your favorite self-tanner.  Nice.

Apart from these incredibly effective, very easy to use products, you will also find that DERMdoctor’s website is the best there is.  I’m neurotic when in comes to researching a product prior to purchase.  Actually, I’m just plain neurotic, and I love the DERMAwizard feature the site offers.   Like they say, “Because sometimes it’s not convenient to see the doctor, we’ve brought the doctor to you……”   Now that’s my kind of wizard.  Reliable answers to my most embarrassing questions and I didn’t even have to change out of my favorite pajamas!  Perfection.

So, who else is claiming victory over their chicken skin?  Would you like to join our sorority?  It’s easy to join and we even have a special handshake……


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