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medetateStylemama here! Sometimes we get to write about beautiful luxurious products and sometimes we get down and dirty and delve into the harsh realities of what it takes to stay beautiful. I love it all! We really enjoyed Jeanasina’s latest post on said reality! I’ll never understand why we get hair in all the wrong places, why acne appears long after puberty has come and gone, or my personal nemesis, excessive perspiration…

I don’t mind sweating when I’m exercising or any other time when it’s considered normal. I actually like to during those times, but nothing screws up your look faster than unwanted moisture.

I’ve never been the type of girl that could get away with wearing flats without suffering for it, go even one day without deodorant, or count on dry palms during excessive stress. That’s just me. But, I have a feeling I might not be alone. At least that’s what I tell myself when no one wants to hold hands, theirs are just sweaty too, right?  

I think Dr. Audrey Kunin, leading dermatologist and creator of the DERMAdoctor line is heaven-sent. I like that she thinks of solutions to some of the more embarrassing beauty dilemmas. So, I was thrilled when I recently came across her answer to a “dry existence”, MEDEeTATE.  

MEDeTATE is a product that’s meant to help keep you dry head to toe, including delicate facial skin. For $48.00 you get 30 individually sealed packettes. These little gems are filled with an interesting mix of ingredients. Ginseng to help with stress, specific botanicals and peptides that are said to improve the ability to resist the temptation to sweat and the biggie, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY, the latest FDA approved high-potency antiperspirant. I agree, these aren’t cheap but keep in mind they are supposed to be as good as Botox Injections and one packet has you covered for the entire day. Where were these back in the seventh grade when Jellies were the only shoes around?

The box reads that these will, “Purify the being and eliminate embarrassing excessive sweating and wetness.” And that they will “Help achieve enlightenment and channel confident energy.” At first, I laughed when I read that last part. No, I don’t feel enlightened but I really do feel more confident when I use these. There’s something about being dry when you want to be that just makes you feel more relaxed and self-assured. I can’t say whether or not these could replace Botox but I can say they definitely work.  

The mornings that I know I’m about to face a particularly stressful day I swipe these gentle yet effective wipes on to my palms, soles and underarms. It almost eliminates the need for deodorant and I remain nice and dry throughout the entire day. My only caveat is the dry skin.  Logically, you are going to have to address that because dry means dry in all senses of the word. Luckily, after a little extra attention and moisturizing at night, I’m as good as new. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t swipe too much on your hands or they will become sticky, less is definitely more.

This is a simple solution to an irritating problem. I like simple, don’t you? So, if you are like me and stress affects your ability to stay fresh and dry, then you should give these a try. Apparently, it also causes unintentional rhyming as well.   

So, tell us what you’re using that’s strong enough for a woman but made for all of us that just can’t stand the sweating!

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