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Hello out there! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells! You know what I hate? Trying to find a deodorant that matches a certain perfume I’m going to wear. I mean, it’s fine to wear the classic “spring fresh” deodorant or what have you if you’re wearing a similar perfume, but do you really want that floral-fresh scent clashing with your oriental or spicy scents? Of course you don’t! You’d smell like a fragrance train-wreck! For the longest time, I just tried to find scented deodorants that went along with certain fragrances (i.e.; Secret Vanilla Sparkle for Pink Sugar, etc.).

Leave it to the geniuses at Degree to address this problem! Not only have they put out three gorgeously scented deodorants, they’ve also put out a coordinating body mist for each of them! And let me tell you ladies, these aren’t your normal drugstore one-note body mists: these are REAL FRAGRANCES with top notes, middle notes, and base notes- perfect for the recessionista who wants to smell fancy on a budget. Who wants to smell like your garden-variety deodorant when you can smell like Delicious Bliss, Sexy Intrigue, or Classic Romance?

I tried both the body mist and the deodorant in “Delicious Bliss”, and let me tell you they are yummy! They’re very fruity scents, wonderful for summer, with sparkling top notes of raspberry, apple, and peach, with gentle undertones of soft floral scents like hyacinth. I honestly felt like I was wearing a high-end perfume. I can be a little biased against drugstore scents, only because I’ve smelled so many people who douse themselves in Curve and think they smell great, but these totally won me over! My mom tried the Classic Romance, and said that everyone at her Sweet Adelines’ rehearsal was telling her how great she smelled. And, of course, the deodorant works great: I wouldn’t be raving otherwise, because stinky pits are a no-go on any budget! (Trust me: Florida humidity is the true test of any deodorant. Let’s just say grocery shopping lines can be a liiiittle uncomfortable if someone’s deodorant quits!)

The one tiny little caveat I have is the lasting power of the body mists. They only last a couple of hours on me, but that could just be my body chemistry. This honestly doesn’t bother me that much, because they’re so affordable and there’s plenty in each bottle! Plus, even if I run out of body mist, I still have my deodorant to make me smell fantastic. Hmmm… think anyone will notice if I put the deodorant on my wrists too?

I wholeheartedly recommend these, both as deodorants and as body mists. They’re budget-friendly, innovative, and most importantly- they smell great!

What about you? Have any of you ladies coordinated your deodorant to your perfume with the Degree Fine Fragrance Collection?

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