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deborahlippmanWe chat about SO many subjects here on Meg’s but one I have noticed seems to be whispered about on the forum rather than loudly gossiped about over or cocktails: nail products and color!

Goddess Granny is starting the New Year with THE most gorgeous color on my toes that I think I’ve ever seen and even my husband keeps complimenting me on my “twinkle toes.”! Up until recently, I was a French manicure or red polish on my fingers sort of girl (going to shake it up in 2010!) but I LOVE to wear those fashion-forward,trendy,and sometimes even a but outrageous shades of polish on my toes as we get 10 months of the year to wear sandals here in South Texas! Nail color is probably one of THE easiest things one can use to update a look or season or even to make a bold statement with if you’re into that “look”. I do see some girls at my nail salon sporting some truly creative nail art and they wear it well. I’ve even seen full on sets of “designer logo” nails but you have to be one pulled together and confident chick to rock that look, i.e., one who always plans out her outfits and accessories in minute detail!

What could possibly offer a more instant gratification in terms of staying on trend than a fresh bottle of nail color? Forget the box of 64 Crayola colors because you can now find or create a nail color in ANY shade you can imagine and in more finishes than I’d dare to claim! You can spend anywhere from .99 to $175.00 (yes, the recent price on Ebay for a bottle of Chanel nail color!) and beyond depending on your level of “need/want/can have” and I for one have sampled more than my share as well although I cannot believe I’d spend quite that much no matter how exquisite,Kiss! Nail color is “suitable” for all and all ages and allows any of us to be daring in our looks!

I have recently been enjoying some of the lesser-known labels of nail colors because once you start browsing the polish-aisles,you notice that many of the shades are crossover in terms of being similar. One of the “biggies” usually brings out a color for the season or style and then every flippin’ company out there does “their version” of it until it’s been watered down and overdone so much none of us want to bother with it. I am suprised that the current dark-polish trend has lasted and continues to bloom into Spring 2010 and I do love dark nails but for my money and if you browse around a bit,you’ll see that some of THE “coolest” shades out there will hold fast to their “limited” and “boutique” status…

I LOVE what Deborah Lippmann does! Originally a music-major and singer, she worked a stint as a manicurist and the rest is history: soon after being noticed by a beauty editor at “Allure” magazine, her star began to rise as she became THE nail-expert on many fashion sets and  one of the world’s most sought-after manicurists! She has gone on to create nail “looks” that would not only set the stage and trend for many top designers as well as with her own company/line of amazing nail products. She names her colors after songs and also continues to sing today.

Y’all know I LOVE women-owned companies and when truly incredible and talented women “make good” and I’ve become a major fan of Deborah’s products! She is as her website defines,“The voice of color” and she sings it beautifully!

I have tried several of her shades with more on the way: colors DO sell out but are re-stocked frequently and their customer service is excellent…now…what sets her apart?

To begin with, the bottles are large, easy to hold in one’s hand and the brush is amazing: this is VERY important if you paint your own nails as I see it! Nothing worse than a cheesy-brush or bottle that wobbles around. The textures and depth of the colors are like no other nail polish I’ve tried: color-true with loads of depth and what you see if what you get, no streaking and the stuff wears like iron! This is the good stuff Megettes!

The colors? OMG…I am giddy at the thought! Again,these aren’t typical in any way: rather a rainbow of dream-shades that one can wear without a second thought as to whether or not it’s “cool”…I get lost in the descriptions and choices and will tell you that they are even nicer “in person” than on the site! I do believe a few retailers carry the line as well for those those need to get their hand on it first but they are limited.

I’m currently head over heels and toes about “Superstar” and I’ll tell you why: it’s not gold,not copper,and not brown but rather the most gorgeous shade of bronze with red-undertones I have ever seen! I wish I could have a set of jewelry made in this metallic because it makes my skin glow! It’s one of her “collection” shades and has a glitter finish: not your little sista’s glitter but this creamy, smooth easy to apply glitter just after putting on just one coat, you KNOW something incredible is about to happen! Two coats and you begin to swoon at the sparkle, the richness, the overall FUN of this color! People keep asking me what “it is” and everyone in my yoga class is either trying to score a bottle or asking to borrow mine! It’s my favorite color ever and coming from a girl who stood in line to score a bottle when the original Chanel “Vamp” polish came out, that is a lot Kiss! I will tell you that these colors wear SO well that a bit of patience is needed when removing but then eventually come of cleanly with no staining and are also formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate free which matters to me. Many of the lesser brands are loaded with so many chemicals that it hurts-literally!

Now these are probably not going to make our “frugal finds” list BUT I’ll tell you that you WILL get a lot for your hard-earned cash and that you WILL have nails everyone will notice and envy as well as fewer touchups and chipping because the quality is simply amazing. Many magazines have been showcasing Deborah’s “Happy Birthday” shade recently: I scored a bottle before the Holidays and if you can get this color (currently backordered but more on the way!)it will make you smile every time you glance at your nails because it is a “party in a bottle!” Again, nothing else out there comes close in terms of how this finishes and looks, it’s that unique!

Consider trying one of Deborah’s shades but I am not responsible if you can’t go back to the other brandsSurprised! There is a shade for everyone and I won’t rest until I’ve tried as many as possible,“Marquee Moon” and “Fashion” WILL be mine soon! Also eyeballing “Wicked Game…” who doesn’t love that haunting song by Chris Isaak? Color is bloody amazing!

Which shade sets your heart to racing? Do you paint your own nails and if so, do you make a statement with your personal nail style or prefer a basic but finished look?

Check the line out here!

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