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DAVIESGATEJeanasina here! Ladies! It’s Tuesday night and I am going to have a very exciting evening because, I have here, in my hand, Davies Gate BUCKWHEAT buffing soap for Feet!

So..the reality is, that Meg sends me, in a special envelope new fabulous products.! When I look in the envelope, it’s usually THE WORDS on the packages like,“stimulating” “tantalizing” “dreamy” firming” “uplifting, even… “tight” that make me reach for those products in particular! So just know, that in peering into my special package of delightful products, not EVER, would the first thing I pick up, be a product that has the word BUCKWHEAT in capital letters on the side!

None-the-less…here I am, about to have one on one time with the Davies Gate BUCKWHEAT buffing soap for feet. My feet are all but jumping up and down on their own in anticipation of getting some attention in the next few minutes. My feet never get any attention – sometimes I will put lotion all over my entire body but I skip my feet! How mean is that? The feet have to feel like crap about life. Anyway…tonight it’s about my feet! BUCKWHEAT and my feet are about to become intimate companions.Kiss

The soap comes in a box and you need an ‘implement’ to open the strong seal on the box if you are old. Don’t put the implement down, you have some indestructible shrink-wrap to try to remove also – you’ll need the implement, unless you have nails or teeth. “Holy crap on the fragrance!” Wow!– If you hold it up to your nose and inhale deeply you will totally clear your sinuses! And then…you’ll want to smell it again! The smelling…it doesn’t stop! – the desire to keep inhaling that absolutely-pleasant-smelling-soap is overwhelmingly compelling!

First piece of advice I am going to give to you IS this…you have to PROMISE your one foot that FOR SURE you are going to do the same stuff he just sat watching you do to your other foot! Its just not right if you only try a product on ONE foot right? You know? That’s just wrong and unfair to one or the other of your feet!

Well my first foot would like you to know it really enjoyed being worked over with my slathered up BUCKWHEAT hands!! Matter of fact, my foot didn’t want me to stop! I massaged the soap back and forth on my foot and it felt SO good – not uncomfortably abrasive! Finally, forcing myself to stop, I rinsed off the soap and dried my foot.  My foot felt hydrated all on it’s own! My scruffy tough textured heels felt soft and like somebody just pampered them!  My other foot is letting me know that it’s waiting patiently for it’s turn with the BUCKWHEAT soap for feet! 

Did I mention this soap is only $5.99! For just $5.99 you could experience what I have described above and who wouldn’t want to do that? Here’s what the description says…”Reveal soft and smooth feet when polishing heels, calluses and areas where there is a build-up of extra skin with this foot soap. Ground Walnut shells, Buckwheat hulls, Loofah and Volcanic pumice provide an intense polishing treatment for your feet. The natural freshness of Peppermint essential oil invigorates tired feet and helps improve circulation.”

Have a look at their website. If you are in the habit of being nice to your feet, you’ll want to buy some of this!

Who else has a pedi ritual? Any fans of Davies Gate out there?

Buy It Here!

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