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Meg here! I know, I’ve been terrible about updating but this is a new week and I’m going to be a lot better about it. 

I had an absolute blast this past Thursday night. I wish you all lived closer because I would love to have you all over to my house, AKA “The Rage Cage.” The lovely ladies that rep Schick Quattro For Women asked me if I would have a viewing party for a webseries that they are a proud sponsor of. It was a total success season 1. The show is called Dating Rules From My Future Self. They wanted us to watch the season premiere and share what we thought about it.

A reason to have a party? I’ll have a party if I go a week avoiding a parking ticket so the Schick Chick’s didn’t have to ask me twice! As if I needed any incentive they lovingly mailed me snacks, an Amex giftcard to buy booze, party plates and napkins and what every Hollywood party needs…Giftbags! How cool is that? They went all Martha Stewart and shipped it straight to my house.

I have to confess, I’m a little late to the game of “web series.” I just thought it was going to be some low rent live stream. I can admit when I’m wrong and I was very, very wrong. Alloy Entertainment is the company behind “Dating Rules From My Future Self.” They had another little web series called “Gossip Girl.” It went so mainstream it went to your TV and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen an episode! This series is so well done, it looks like you’re watching a network television show (but without commercials!)

I had to laugh because the napkins Schick Quattro For Women sent over said “Girls Night Out.” I had 12 friends over, the 5 guys attending seemed to be fine as women for the evening.

We all mingled and then Dave set the computer up so we could all watch the show on my large flatscreen TV. I called everyone into the livingroom and asked everyone to please be quiet as I played Episode 1 Season 1. Yes, I know I was suppose to start with Season 2 but I thought Dating Rules From My Future Self would get confusing if we didn’t start at the begining. We hit play, started the show and something amazing happened…Everyone stopped talking! Seriously, you know how hard it is to get a group of people (and we like to talk) to pay attention. All of us were totally captivated! There wasn’t peep, and then we watched another episode, and another and another… Even the guys were into it with one saying “I’m totally watching the rest of these when I get home.”

Even though I’m linking to Season 2, Episode 1. I recommend you watch the first season. The good news is that you don’t have to, you’ll totally be able to follow what’s going on. I just think you’ll really enjoy it and want to. 

What happens when you have a group of “adults” to your home, and a visiting New Zealand Pop Star? That’s a long story, but stay with me here, a dance party!

Blame it on the alcohol but we soon started playing some tunes and opening our giftbags that were filled with Schick Quattro For Women razors. We had such a great night we wanted to give tribute to the company that let us have this great party. A group shave seemed weird. You know what didn’t seem strange? Using our razors like raver club kids use glow sticks and wave them around our heads as we got our dance on. I’ve never been a fan of the “act your age” motto.

I really think Dating Rules From My Future Self is a great concept and well done and a very fun show. It makes you want to dance. Would I want Dating Rules From My Future self really? Nah. I like my mistakes, they make me, me. They’re also epic. I don’t just make mistakes. I make ridiculously over-the-top, cringe inducing errors that usually make for entertaining stories and come in handy over silence at a dinner table. What fun would life be if we knew all the answers? I love to look back and laugh (I laugh the hardest at how stupid I can be) and if you’re not hurting anyone then that’s a beautiful thing. If you can’t laugh at yourself then I don’t want to know you. Laughing is the single best thing in the world. I try to have one daily.

Check this show out and when you’re in the drugstore and have a choice to buy a razor, I hope that you’ll pick Schick Quattro For Women. I mean the company asked me to shill for it. They obviously have a great sense of humor!

Here is the Schick Quattro For Women Facebook page where they run contests and insider tips!

The episodes of each show are under 10 minutes but they’re super entertaining and extremely clever! Let me know what you think. Also, if you’re having a party, please be careful if you decide to drunkenly swing razors over your head. We kept ours in the package. A party can go so wrong once you slice your guests.

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