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Tantejoan here filling in for Gigi, your Drugstore Diva . . .

Mindful of the calendar, Gigi suggested I might want to feature something for Valentine’s Day, something romantic, indulgent, and sybaritic. So I hasten to oblige, bringing you . . . Crystal Body Deodorant Stick. What, you say, deodorant? Where’s the romance? Where is the love? Bear with me please, and answer a few simple questions.When you go into work after a good workout at the gym, do your coworkers stand well back when you want to chat at the water cooler?

Do women of that certain age and stage break out in a sweat at awkward moments?

Is that stunning little black dress marred by white residue from creams, powders, or roll-ons?

Has an invitation to snuggle ever been met with a suggestion to hit the shower first?

Ladies, what can be more romantic than a confident, fresh, and un-soggy woman who is 100% ready for whatever life hands her? I know I want more from my deodorant than a few hours of security. I want something that not only keeps me dry and free from unwanted odors, I want zero transfer of the white stuff and long-lasting protection. And I want something that will make someone my lover will crave to be near.

Aha! There’s the romance. If your beloved has gifted you with perfume, he wants to inhale the sweet mixture of it and yourpheromones, not your, um, effluvium. And he wants warmth, not dampth. This little crystal stick does the job, with added benefits of economy.Not only is it inexpensive-under $4.00 at my local Walgreen’s-but unlike the competing sticks and gels and roll-on’s, it lasts. I bought my present one almost a year ago and I have barely hit the halfway mark. Made of 100% natural mineral salts, it is completelyfragrance-free, so it never conflicts with your fragrance. And if youneed an added inducement, this form of deodorant protection has been around since Cleopatra’s time. You remember her, the original Drugstore Diva, right? She certainly knew something about romance.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies, and never let them see you sweat. Anyone else out there love the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick!


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