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crazysticksMeg here! I know, easy title. It’s important I give you as much information as possible because mark my words. This is a line your going to be seeing everywhere. Crazylibellule And The Poppies make crazy sticks solid perfume. They have cult-like status in Paris and now they’re making their way to the states! They are luxury at a very affordable price ($18-tres chic!) Like any good Parisian-or woman-they admire Coco Chanel. They love her, they know I love her, it makes perfect sense that they sent over their crazy stick titled “Hommage A Gabrielle.” The perfume is named in honor of Coco. In case you didn’t know-Gabrielle is Coco’s real name.

Eleni and MissRo saw the “Hommage A Gabrielle” packages come in and along with myself, we loved them. They look almost like an old fashioned case that a tube of stick matches would come in. It is the coolest presentation. Once you pull off the lid, the tube twists like a lipstick and the neatest solid perfume stick appears. I mean neat. The solid perfume even has a cap within the cap to keep the fragrance intact and fresh. It is really a great design concept. I hate sprays and sometimes the roll-on ball can leak. That will not be an issue with this. Packaging A+ Price A+

The scent was too flowerly for Eleni, MissRo liked it but isn’t a huge floral wearer. Megken liked it and thought it smelled very pretty. I am obsessed with it and would live in a Peony if I could so this is right up my alley. I love floral scents, especially white flowers. The blend is Top Notes: Ozonic flower.  Heart Notes: Wooded Incense, Indian Jasmine.  Base Notes:  Vanilla, Cedar, Russian Leather.

Fragrance is a personal issue but if you like classic floral then this will be a winner for you. I am very excited the movie “Coco Before Chanel” is coming out tonight! Audrey Tatou plays Coco from the start of her life as a headstrong orphan to becoming the epitome of style. The “Maison of Chanel” actually got behind this movie and opened up their archives and collections to them so it should be gorgeous! Opens up today in LA so Arc Light Theater here I come!

I have a pretty sixth sense about products that people are going to go nuts for and I feel it with this line. The site carries these babies and that’s a very good sign! I love how that site finds really hard-to-find products that have die-hard followers from all over the globe. Good find!

The best news? We are giving two away! Just tell us your best exotic find and I’ll mail it to the two best stories!

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