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Sharond here! Ahhh…Valentines Day. Do you believe people can fall in love at first site? I did and we now have been married 22 years, 11 months. It was a first for both of us and neither of us was looking for anything serious. Jay and I worked at the same company though we didn’t know each other except for a quick smile while passing in the hall. One Friday afternoon a friend invited me to happy hour. When I arrived at the lounge, I looked around and didn’t see anyone I knew except Jay. I went over and introduced myself to him and discovered he too had been invited by my friend. We had a couple drinks, talked and waited for everyone to show up. Finally after a couple hours we knew that this happy hour was no party so we decided to go out to dinner. Jay ordered octopus and I couldn’t believe he would eat that. As we were eating, those suckers were sticking to his teeth and I couldn’t help but laugh and dread a goodnight kiss. Later we went dancing and really had the most wonderful night. After that first night, we went out every evening for the next week and then he popped the question, on his knees no less. We both knew it was real. A few nights ago on Nightline they talked about love at first site and the consensus was there is such a thing, it does happen more often than first thought and that it can last a lifetime. I am a firm believer in true love at first site.

We both wanted to do something different this Valentine’s day. We decided to not celebrate on the 14th, but take a long weekend starting the 20th and spend it in Denver playing tourist. For this getaway I wanted a fragrance that would be light and subtle so Jay would have to lean in and nuzzle my ear to get a whiff while bonding all over again while listening to soft jazz. I was thinking something romantic when Crabtree and Evelyn came to my mind. Looking over their products, I found a body wash, body lotion, body cream and a body shimmer mist in Vanilla Blanc which had my two of my favorite scents, vanilla and jasmine. The items were on sale for $3.00 each! so I ordered the set thinking this would be make my skin soft, smooth and glowing and I could go without perfume. I tried the products last week to see how they smelled on me, how long they would last and most of all, did I look like I was all dewy from the shimmer mist. I liked the products and the scent was soft and sexy though it didn’t last very long. The next day I tried the products again and this time added my favorite Lush scent, Silky Underwear, over the Vanilla Blanc products and came up with a winner. Finally I tried the shimmer mist expecting a shimmering gold highlights like Crabtree and Evelyn describe.

All the Vanilla Blanc products have a wonderful soft vanilla and jasmine, though not long lasting, scent. The body wash produced a rich moisturizing lather and the body cream is very rich though quite hard to get out of the tube. The lotion comes in a pump bottle and is easier to use, but not as deeply moisturizing as the cream. The shimmer mist didn’t live up to expectations. I sprayed it on and nothing, no moisturizing oil, no shimmer, and almost no scent. I give this product a big thumb down. Ordering from Crabtree and Evelyn online was easy and the products were received within a week and in good shape. The online site has several products on sale and be sure to check the outlet tab. Coupons can be found by Googling “Crabtree and Evelyn coupons”.


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