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laserMeg hair! Or should I say Meg less hair! After fearing a bikini wax for oh, 20 years and having conquered that fear (Remember Baby’s First Bikini Wax?)I have decided to conquer all of my fears! Well, the ones that have to do with different methods of hair removal.

Waxing was easy enough and I absolutely loved not having to grab for a bikini shave for weeks. Why ever have to shave a bikini area again? Or how about, Why ever do I have to shave again anywhere? No. I’m not talking about embracing my armpits, I’m talking about forever eradicating hair anywhere! Sign me up! It’s a good thing I’m not a drastic person. Kiss I want to be razor free forever! It’s not an outlandish statement. We put a man on the moon, we can make a woman get rid of her Venus!

As with all big decisions, I took a very long time to make my mind up about this one. I thought about it on a Friday and booked my appointment for today at The Epione Center (I go there a lot and they’re having a laser your pubes off sale.) I attached the offer if you’re interested.

I needed to take a xanax for my nerves before my foray into the world of wax. I didn’t have access to one before my laser appointment. Dr. Simon Ourian is someone that I will occasionally run into while I’m out having dinner. He’s not a gyno. Although he is completely professional and named best cosmetic Los Angeles dermatologist over and over again, I would be going with nurse Jaime at Epione for this one. *Generally, there really should only be one person per dinner that’s seen the goods.*

Dr. Ourian knows that I am a bit of a baby. I was upstairs at his practice when my phone rang.

Meg: Hi, listen I forgot a xanax. Do I need numbing creme or morphine or to be knocked out for this? Do you do general anesthesia?

Dr. Ourian: No. Even you will be fine with ice. You can just numb the area and you’ll be fine.

Meg: O.K., I just put the ice packs in my jeans? That’s fine. I’m the only one in here. Yes, thank-you. I’ll just do ice.

I think I can hear Dr. Ourian roll his eyes over the phone but nonetheless, a second nurse arrives with the ice packets that I insert into my underwear. While I sit in a waiting room. I know. I have no shame. I’m nervous!

Here’s what happens next. You sit in a chair. I want to say it’s like a comfortable, upscale dentist chair without the spit sink or drool hose or anything dental actually. Hmmm, maybe that’s not the best example.

You take off your pants and undies and put a little hospital drapey paper shield/gurney thing on. I’m not quite sure why we do that because it stays on for about 30 seconds. Maybe the nurse had me put it on so when she walked in it wasn’t all “Hello! Hello! Here I am!” Which is pretty understandable, I guess.

I explained I was a nervous wreck and to please be sure to leave an age appropriate strip. I actually left the age appropriate strip. There is a bit of prep work before you go into get lasered. You need to be bare where you want to eradicate the hair. The process works by destroying the hair follicle so the laser needs a clear shot, there can’t be hair.

Was it painful? No. I numbed the area really well with the ice. Was it uncomfortable? You’re having your lady bits sent hot waves from a laser to destroy hair follicles. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. Is it worth it? Too soon to tell but I’m smooth and bump free. If it lasts it’s really worth it as the entire process took about 7 minutes.

I spoke to the nurse and she said that people usually need to go every 5 weeks or so for 5 visits and then…It’s gone forever!

It’s not cheap but it is way cheaper then waxing every 5 weeks for the rest of your life. It’s also cheaper then buying a lifetime of razors and shaving cream. I don’t think you can put a price on freedom though. I mean especially out in LA, Miami- any warm climate really. The thought of never having to see a stray scraggle or unsightly bathing suit bump makes it a necessary luxury. I can’t wait to do the armpits.

I have been raving about it too my roommates because I don’t believe there is really anything that you can’t tell people that you love and live with. I mean, it’s not like I’m shouting it from the rooftops or anything? Kiss

Any other laser lovers out there? I’m sold!

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