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We bribe here! No, that doesn’t sound right. I meant REWARD and APPRECIATE (that’s the ticket). Congratulations to last weeks best reviewers! You won (the big 3.4 oz bottle) of Hard Candy’s Fragrance. They are the coolest looking bottles ever and I hope you enjoy them and then pledge your loyalty to the site forever and never leave. Deal? Soul=Bottle of free perfume? I knew you beauty nuts would take the perfume!

Here’s our five winners, if you see them on the subway or something be sure to congratulate them!

Megafie She hates dogfighting and adopted a pitbull and posted pictues of said pitbull with her new kitten. Kind + Cute Pet Pics=Winner!

Alibaba Where were you when Blusleelee was searching around for some redhead tips when she was a sporting her redheaded tresses? No matter Miss LeeLee is back to blond and now you’re here to tap into as a resource! Great tips!
Great Hair Tips=Winner!

Beezwax So glad you didn’t mind yours! Awesome homemade body scrub recipe. Crafty Genius=Winner!

Kediger This is America! Feel free to sniff away at men in elevators! I hope this fragrance makes you the one getting the compliments, because even though it is better to give then-wait. Nevermind. Outspoken Lady=Winner!

Yeahright Well, you’ve been making us laugh all over the place. Laughter is definitely important to us over here so guess what? Funny lady=Winner!

If you too want to win then get to sharing your insight with us! I know you ladies have a lot to say! Sorry to upset you but stop telling your boyfriend what you bought at Sephora. No really. No I swear, he doesn’t care. We, however, live for this stuff so come on and chime in! Ladies really do win!


Meg & Dysfunctional (we put the fun in there) Makeup Family

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