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aeromineralegirlieMeg here, my head is spinning after the last conversation I had so I’m going to start with this product and end on a question. Feel free to just read the product description. I realize my soap box is on a continued melt.

Aero Minerale Hydrating Mineral Shimmer makes me happy. There, I said it. Wait? That’s not enough to get you to plunk down your hard earned cabbage? Let me explain. I love that after a few vigorous shakes I can spray an even, grown up, sexy contour to my legs, arms and cleave and leave a wonderful shimmer. It’s not a teenage glitter. It’s the perfect compliment to an exposed limb. It brings out a tan, it creates a glow, it highlights a strong point. It looks amaze on film. It’s under $15. It makes you look like a modern day sexy goddess yet spraying it makes you feel like a princess.

Speaking of princesses, did you know April 22nd kicks off the official National Princess Week? No, you didn’t know that? Well Google it because it is (here and kind of queer) but here none the less.

Me? I’m all for it. I can’t say this on my personal facebook because A. I live in Hollywood and B. Know people with the film, but can we take a second and discuss how a movie called “Think Like A Man” is NUMBER 1. 

Steve Harvey wrote this book and for all of you that ran out to buy it…Why? Beause he leads by example? Oh right, he’s happily married for years…To wife #3. One wife made Youtubes about all his mistresses and how being married to him “was Hell.” Let’s make that a bestseller.

Can I put on the record that I’m not a man-hater. I’m woman-hating these ridiculous man-obsessed fools looking for direction to the point where they actually buy this shit and perpetrate an ideal that “thinking like a man” is where we’re going to learn something.

As many of you know (I treat like a Dear Abby column.) I’m single. I’m smart. I’m attractive, on the second Monday of every other month, I have my shit together. I’m funny. I’m also extremely humble.

Maybe this is a detriment? Perhaps, I should not work on being a better “me.” Perhaps, I should not know when Princess Week is. Perhaps, I should shun my pink, girlie mist that makes me feel feminine.  Obviously, I’m doing it all wrong. I should be spraying Chanel Egoiste on my stems. What’s better than thinking like a man than smelling like one? It’s a man scent. You know there’s got to be “ego” in the title. I challenge any perfume house to bottle and sell the sweet scent called “self esteem.”

I have wonderful, fabulous guy friends. I don’t “do it” for them. They don’t “do it” for me. Here’s the truth. You’re giving it up too easy. You know what “up” is. I know there’s different men for different occassions. I play that game too. There are some guys that wont marry the cow when they’re getting the milk for free. Just know that. I also know on a quiet Friday night, there are some pigs that will give me the pork without me having to eat ham for the rest of my life. So, in all things, there’s a trade-off.

I’m very lucky. I got married and divorced (but after a decade, so I sort of know what I’m talking about.) I know the grass is no greener. My issue? Why isn’t the movie called “Think Like A WOMAN.” Take that to NUMBER 1. Here’s the top reasons why…

1. We live longer. You tell me that you’re going to learn all this useless bullshit and he’s just going to die? Take up bridge. It’s more handy. Among the world’s population 85% of women over 100 years old are women.

2. We’re Better Bosses. Women are better at listening, better at “connecting” and better at inspiring people to create change. So, can we please direct this towards World Peace (which we can solve) instead of being caught in the “toilet seat” argument.

3. I Could write “We Invest Better” which we do, but how about “We Foster Life?” I mean, that’s a strong point. That whole “future of humanity angle.”

I could write 10 pages on this, but I will not. I want you all to just think for a second on what this movie, “Think Like A Man” says about our female desperation. It’s 2012, maybe the Mayans had it right.

Back to the review, I may “Think Like A Woman” and I’m never changing that. At the end of the day, I’m not conforming to anyone else’s brain and neither should you.

There is a reason we were made different and special and wonderful. Own it.

In honor of National Princess Week, I’m spraying on some girlie. I wear it well…


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