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Meg here! Yes, yes we know “stay out of the sun!” Got it! That doesn’t mean I’m giving you a pass to show up to your evening cocktails poolside looking like an albino. I’m not. I’m giving you an easy peasy way to mimic a golden sun kissed tan without putting yourself at wrinkle risk.

Aero Minerale’s Hydrating Mineral Bronzer in Malibu gives you an even, natural spray tan that is not only simple to apply but brings instant results. That’s one of the genius attributes of this product. There’s no messy creams that go on clear and leave you wondering about the results after they dry. We all know what a P.I.A. it is to do damage control the day after a bad self tan application. Painstakingly trying to fill in streaks is just not fun and it rarely turns out the way that you want it to.

I love that with “Malibu” I see instant results. There’s no guess work. TIP-For Best Results Really Really Shake That Thang-(the can) but if you want to shake your thing as well by all means!) I was wearing Go With The Flow and I needed a little color. I threw on my little towel with straps (do you all have one of those? They look like this. I was easily able to spray my legs and arms and decolletage. I wanted to get my back though so a little Megsroomie action was needed. It took her 30 seconds. I was left with a great “tan” without any guesswork, dried in less than a minute and I was out the door with a healthy glow.

You can get several leg, arm, back, decolletage shots out of this perfect pink can and it’s $14.99. Not bad. Downright fabulous when I factor in that my one spray tan used to cost me $35.00. I also like that I can shake and spray on my sponge if I want to add to precise areas, it makes it fool proof.

Yolanda Halston, is the creator of Classified Cosmetics ERA Spray foundations, primers and fabulous body and face highlighters. This is Hollywood’s go-to brand that delivers an airbrush finish that stands up to the lights, camera and the fear inducing HD! Halston wanted to get her products into the masses so she entered the mass market with her Aero Minerale line which is in drugstores everywhere-for easy reference I’m linking CVS.COM. I am a huge fan of this line, I know I’m going to catch heat for this but I like this formula even better than their pricier counterpart. I can tell you that I’m not the only huge fan of this particular line. The makeup artist from Twilight ordered 1,000 bottles to use on the entire cast of the movie to get maximum coverage with zero streaking. Yolanda INVENTED AND HAS THE PATENT on spray makeup so you know she has the experience and wisdom on making sure you give yourself an even spray.

I’ve been helping Classified Cosmetics get the word out on their Aero Minerale line so I have sent quite a few of you the fantastic bronzer in “Malibu” that I’m raving over! Let me know! What do you think? Have we saved you from premature wrinkles?

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