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shimmerStylemama here! Did you know that studies show that a woman’s appearance becomes more beautiful and alluring during times of ovulation?  We also release a more desirable, come-hither pheromone during this phase of our cycle.  Yep, it’s true.  It’s all part of our Grand Design, something to do with hormones and the propagation of our species.

I think I’ve noticed this in my own cycle, have you?  You know those days when you just look a little brighter, a little better without having changed anything in your beauty routine.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like having to wait around for my cycle to produce that special natural glow.  I’d much rather find a way to manufacture it on my own…. without looking manufactured of course!

Enter Classified Cosmetics affordable luxury line:  Aero Minerale.  I see it as affordable perfection from the Aerobrush experts.  Meg sent me the Hydrating Mineral Shimmer in golden and it really surprised me.  (Sometimes, I think she knows my beauty needs better than I do!)  Because I have issues with texture and tone, shimmer has always been less friend, more foe.  I normally only use it from the neck down, but not anymore!

For my first application, I followed the instructions and held the can ten inches from my face, closed my eyes and employed small zig zagging motions.  Unfortunately, this approach didn’t do much for me.  (I can only do a few things well with my eyes closed and this isn’t one of them.)  Aha!  Once I opened my eyes and chose a different means of application the results were stunning.

I get the best results when I spray small amounts onto my Beauty Blender sponge and dab it onto the tops of my cheekbones and the tip of my chin.  I also like to spray some onto my favorite concealer brush and apply the tiniest bit to the inner corners of my eyes and above and below the brow bone.  Lastly, I shimmy that can all over my shoulders and decollete, no brush, sponge, or coordination required for that last part. Kiss

Imagine my surprise when I realized that it’s much more than just a pretty highlighter, it’s also a fantastic concealer for hyper pigmentation!  I have bits of light brown near my temples and here, there, and everywhere.  I never realized how much those light brown spots were causing my eye area to appear closed off and tired.  It’s the classic case of, “Oh yeah, that’s what I used to look like before I had children!”  I don’t obsess about this.  The discoloration came with pregnancy and never left.  I don’t even try very hard to conceal it because my experience has been the more you try to cover it, the more it stands out.  Kind of like those bright orange detour signs that blink:  Look Here…… Look Here….. Look Here.  Lucky for me and my fellow spotted beauties, I’ve found something that naturally averts the eye away from the brown, while mimicking a much more even tone.  Even though I was worn out from lack of sleep and Stylepapa’s birthday party prep, I looked bright eyed and wide awake.

The night of the party, this “sophisticated shimmer” also complimented my left shoulder that kept peeking out from beneath my sweater.  I love those loose, sexy sweaters that hang gently off just the one side, don’t you?  To me, one glistening bare shoulder can be just as bewitching as a face full of cleavage.

The Hydrating Mineral Shimmer comes in two shades, golden and girlie.  Golden is a neutral, champagne color while girlie is described as a fresh pink glow.  Fortunately, this versatile product is not just for the special occasions in your life.  You can definitely wear this to the office and a little goes a long way.  Whether yours is a heavy-handed approach or not, the $14.99 price point means we can all sparkle.  NICE.

So, how do you glow from below without the benefit of a hormonal shift?  Who else loves Aero Minerale as much as I do?

Check it out here!

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