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Meg here! I love meeting the creators of the amazing products that we get to talk about on!

I really love when these brilliant minds agree to sit down with me and let me in on the recipe of their “secret sauce.’ Eleanor Keare, the founder of Circle Of Friends is an amazing woman! Not only is she a business woman that knows all about natural products that really work-she’s a first rate, A+ Mom. If she wouldn’t put it on her kids, she’s not going to let you put it on yours. The quality of her products is staggering. They’re natural, smell delish and many of them (we’ll learn more more) are preventative.

A lot of you have received (and raved over) Circle Of Friends Leilani Halakahiki Lotion. With summer in fun swing, this soothing lotion restores moisture back into the body. It’s chock-full of goodness-aloe vera and vitamins plus the smell is divine. I had to ask Eleanor “Why are there little children character’s on each bottle?”

Her answer is just one reason why smart moms are picking this line up! Each item in this line has a fun character with their story on the back. It’s a way to educate your children globally without hitting them over the head with an obvious lesson. They can’t help but learn about 30 countries! When it’s presented in a fun (and sweet scented way!) Now, Eleanor-Kudos! That’s thinking! Who doesn’t want their kids to have both brains and beauty! Clever fox Eleanor has figured out a way to combine both. Thinking globally is not just “smart” for the future-it’s vital! Give your children a leg up!About the products? Oh, well they’re not all brains. The beauty is definitely in there. While this line is directed to the kiddies, I know more than a few full grown adults snatching them up.

Watch the video and see how cool Eleanor is! You can check this line out all over the internet but if you want a “sniff test” check out Ulta!

Who has tried Circle Of Friends Leilani Halakahiki Lotion? How awesome is Eleanor for being a women that cares about your kids brains as much as their bodies?

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