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dropsBaby Love here! I am very, VERY excited about this next product. I love finding products that the majority of us have no idea about and then discovering that not only they are affordable, but also are versatile and absolutely AWESOME! Please let me introduce to you Chubby Cherubs Milk and Honey Bun Drops! A little piece of heaven from New Hampshire!

For nine months, when my husband was in Iraq, I’d sleep with one of his shirts (what do you want from me, I was 23!). One night, before going to bed, I realized that his shirt was losing his “smell”. I went to the bathroom, sprayed some of his cologne on it and crawled back into bed. Big mistake… My head started pounding, my mouth was watering, and my stomach was turning.  I ended up vomiting because of the smell.  I have a nose like a hound dog. Sometimes when Mike gets into bed after taking a shower, the smell of his deodorant makes me puke. It’s strange, I know, but I’m incredibly sensitive to smell. When I say that something smells fantastic, you MUST believe me.  If I say it smells OK, then you know it’s nothing great, and if I say it smells BAD, you can conclude that it made me vomit.

So, the first thing I love about CCMHBD (this is my new code for Chubby Cherubs Milk and Honey Bun Drops) is that they smell FANTASTIC (refer to key!) Strangely enough, they smell like milk and honey, with a dash of baby power. The scent is so soft and clean that I plan on encouraging the owner to make a perfume or a candle. The drops come in an adorable latched container that can be a nice looking decorative piece in your bathroom. The best part about these drops is that EVERYONE will use them and LOVE them. Each container has two baggies filled with about 40 gum sized drops.

But, what do you do with these drops?

Good question, let me explain! Well, why don’t I let the owner, Alysia, explain. Below is an excerpt from an email we exchanged:

“I’m so glad that you like them! As for the directions for use, it really depends on how they are being used… I like to use them best when we are home in a wipes warmer. It keeps my wipes (or wash cloths) damp and fresh and ready to use on my diaper station. However, while I am traveling I do use them in a spritzer bottle instead so I don’t have “wet wipes” in my diaper bag. (It’s more convenient for me on the run).
These are the two ways that I mentioned on the product itself but, as you realized, there are several ways that you can use the drops and most of them work great also…

More Examples:
– Use with paper towels as a quick sponge bath or clean up after meal time.
– Take some drops when you are on the go to use in the public restrooms if you want to stay away from harsh soaps.
– Drop 1-2 in an infant tub for a safe, gentle cleans with out scrubbing.
– Keep in a dish by the sink for single use guest soaps.”

…you get the idea!
These drops dissolve (with a little bit of work) in a cup of hot water.  Please if you plan on applying this to your children bottoms make sure that you allow the water to cool before doing so. I not only used these drops for all of the recommended uses, but I also loved them so much that after I ran out of my body wash, I made my own using these. Did you know that milk and honey possess anti-microbial and cleansing properties which are enhanced when the two are combined? It’s also fragrance free, and contains aloe and oatmeal to soothe the skin.

Calum bathes in these (William has a milk allergy) and he smells so nice afterward. His skin is so soft and moisturized it’s amazing! I have not used one ounce of moisturizer on him since these came along. My skin feels better than it has in years. The areas around my elbows are not as dry or cracked. I actually soaked my feet in a foot tub with these before a little at home pedi, and even that dry nasty skin on my heals looked 100X better!

The day we returned home from vacation, I walked into the house with not a single wipe. Calum had a dirty diaper, so I put one of these in a cup of warm water, dipped a cheap napkin in it, and was shocked that these drops miraculously turned the rough napkin into silk.

If you want a great gift for yourself, a friend, your baby, mom to be? these Milk and Honey Bun Drops are the guilt free answer.  Check out where they’re currently on sale.  GO. DO IT NOW. Thank me later.

Anyone else find Chubby Cherubs Milk and Honey drops to be the Holy Grail item you were looking for but never thought you’d find?

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