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Sweetassgal here thinking about the kinds of fantasies I had as a little girl.  I loved to build forts.  Any type of fort.  Outside on a crisp fall day I’d turn a tree limb, branches and a strategically placed blanket into my very own outdoor haven.  I lived in the land of pine trees and therefore many, many of my mother’s blankets and sheets probably got stained with the sappy pitch of the trees.  But I loved the smell and used to lie beneath those forts on a blanket of fallen pine needles daydreaming about the life I’d have when I grew up.  Where I’d live, the kind of man I’d marry, the house I’d make a home.  I was pretty traditional even back then.  But the one thing that never varied, even when my love for Bo Duke changed to Top Gun Tom Cruise, was my love of the trees.  I was a tree hugger from way back and still find myself happiest when I climb the elevation out of the dreary valley and up into the glorious Shasta Cascade National forest to Weed.  The smell of pine is the smell of home, of happiness, and of every childhood fantasy I had beneath their majestic boughs.

Imagine my surprise when Meg sent me a soft scented little package of my reminder of home…all wrapped up in biodegradable and recycled packaging.  Chivas Goat Milk Soap in Lavender, PINE and Chamomile scent!  One whiff of this baby and I was back under that tree fort becoming Mrs. Bo Duke in my imagination!  Soothing lavender and relaxing chamomile greets your nose and relaxes your senses, clarifying pine gives it the kick that separates it from all others scents you’ve ever tried.  It’s sinfully rugged, outdoorsy and delightfully invigorating while still maintaining its soft and calming side.  It is the essence of a brisk outdoor walk ending in a glorious dip in a clear mountain spring river.  Sign me up!

Childhood daydreams aside…Chivas Goat Milk soap and the lovely ladies that bring it to us are simply INCREDIBLE!  Chivas (which means female goat in Spanish) starts with four beautiful creatures.  Donna, mother…Lauren…daughter…Sugar Muffin and Precious…the two French Alpine goats that started it all!  From their goat farm nestled among the groves of avocado, grapefruits, peaches and figs (doesn’t that sound HEAVENLY!) Donna began making home made Goats milk soaps for family and friends and was deservedly encouraged to start her own business.  Joining with her beautiful and globally minded daughter they created a line that is natural, pure, uncomplicated and comes with a conscience!  

“Our soaps are hand-made and hand-packaged in Southern California by mother and daughter. We also feel it is important to purchase ingredients that are made under fair conditions. For example, our Shea Butter comes from a Fair Trade certified women’s cooperative in Togo, Africa. We hope to import additional Fair Trade ingredients as they become available. We are in the process of becoming a Fair Trade certified company.”  How great is that??!!  Donna also hand milks her goats twice a day and Chivas has partnered with the Nomad Foundation to donate a herd of goats to the Tuareg people of Niger.  For the person who has everything…donate a goat in their name and receive a full size soap too!  It just gets better and better.  But wait…there’s more!

The soap is fantastic!  It is so soft, so luxurious and the scent lasts and lasts.  This means you’d better like the scent you chose because it will linger all day.  Personally, I’m DYING to try the Lemongrass as that is truly one of my favorite scents in the world but don’t stop there because there are 11 deeply rich scents (and one unscented) to choose from.  Each infused with pure essential oils, NOT synthetic fragrances, which guarantee the purest, most true form of scent you can buy.  Not to mention the pure goat’s milk which naturally contains vital vitamins & triglycerides, contains caprylic acid for low alkalinity and closely matches your skins natural pH so it’s readily absorbed and easy on sensitive and Rosacea prone skin.

Check out the website to see other products that look just marvelous. Crème’s, bath salts, even a vegan lip balm are available for your shopping pleasure.  Chivas believes less is more so they’ve deliberately kept their line uncomplicated, multi use, and environmentally friendly by using NO plastic and only recyclable packaging in their products.  Seriously…what’s not to love!

The Lavender, Pine and Chamomile scent is perfect for the man in your life.  Soft enough to draw in the nature loving type of ladies but manly enough for them not to mind if someone gets a good whiff!  When this runs out I’m definitely trying out some other scents which I know will be equally intoxicating.  But for now I’m daydreaming in my shower instead of under a giant pine thanks to Chivas Goat Soap and am having considerably more adult thoughts about Sweetassguy than I am about Mr. Top Gun anymore!  GLAM ON!

This amazing company is really onto being the next big thing and I encourage you to watch their fantstic video above! Bye Bye Black Sheep and your wool! Hand me one of these amazing soaps!

What do you ladies think? All of a sudden I’m craving goats instead of a doghouse!

Check this amazing company out here!

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