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badlandingMeg here! Three things that never go out of style 1. The Little Black Dress 2. Quilted black Chanel bag 3. Red nails. The search for the “perfect red” has been going on for decades. I think China Glaze’s Bad Landing has found it!

“Bad Landing” is a bold look at me color. It’s what we’ve been seeing in all of the magazines for summer. The days of baby doll pinks have been replaced with avant-garde turquoises, yellows and yes-bright red.

The brand China Glaze is in all the top nail salons and is a favorite among professionals for its staying power. I get around 5 days worth of wear before I see the slight beginnings of chips and fade. It only takes 2 coats and if you add a great top coat (I like Seche Vitae’s) you can stretch it to a week.

I like this look for daytime but now that the 80’s are back you can combine all 3 timeless trends and hit your fashion mark! Little Black dress? Check. Black quilted bag? Check. Add the “Bad Landing” nail polish. All you need are red lips, hair swept back into a chignon and you’re an instant Robert Palmer girl.

The color is a shimmery red with some pink undertones. It’s not a super fire-engine red. Think a more romantic red then one that screams “sex kitten.”

I know a lot of you have gotten this China Glaze shade in your pack prizes. What did you think about the color? Do we have any new China Glaze converts?

Find it here!

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