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CHANELVERNISStill hot here in Texas: scorching to be exact! However Goddess Granny spent a lot of the past week shopping with her granddaughter and believe me when I tell you the stores are full of some of THE most fabulous fashions and looks for Fall 2010 that I’ve seen in quite a few years so it was worth it to venture out of the pool for a while! Classics with an edge, shades of grey, purple, camel and metallics…just gorgeous upcycled glam-girl looks but still with enough of a rocker chick vibe to keep it all from looking totally “been there, done that” and I’m SO ready to reinvent my closet!

Of course, most of us have to use a bit of restraint these days and I admit I breathed a deep sigh when I picked up the perfect pair of buttery grey suede Stuart Weitzman boots to check out the price on the sole…Ouch! Will have to break it all down into that “price per wearing” equation in order to justify that “little luxury…”

The very first job I had that related to what would become my obsession with all that’s “beauty” was in a classy family owned “shoppe” that was among the first to bring the Chanel cosmetic line to the US in Upstate NY: I was soo poor back then but Chanel supplied “their girls” behind the counter with really nice silky black smocks that actually could be worn like mini-dresses and also gifted us with HUGE boxes of product every couple of months so I managed to be oh so Frenchified and pulled together at my counter in spite of the fact that I only owned one pair of heels…those were the days? Surprised We were the elite in the beauty biz at the time and people flocked in to see what all the buzz was about and they bought so they too could carry that iconic glossy black shopping tote out of the store! I was was known to carry a small one as an evening bag back then and believe me-I rocked it! We wore our smocks out to the park to eat our shabby processed cheese sandwiches for lunch and often would get hit on by the young lawyers who were equally as poor but had cool business cards to share. If you dated an “Addis Company Chanel Girl” it was like dating a Victoria’s Secret model in THAT little city! HA! At least to us it was…and sometimes that’s good enough!

Season after season I gush over the Chanel ads in the mags and yes, I have and do own a bit here and there: it comes with the privilege of age I guess but damn-it should be mandatory that every gorgeous YOUNG woman gets some for her very own! Once you own anything Chanel you are never quite the same: it’s historic, the ultimate in exceptional quality, always original in its design and it has associative connections to the world’s most divine women! Who among us wouldn’t like to have a cocktail with Coco herself? She was a WOMAN! Meg also shares my obsession and I think we’d go without a lot just to have a little of this heavenly brand because….well…it’s freaking’ CHANEL!

The cosmetic division of Chanel continues to be among the “one to watch” on a consistent basis and although sometimes the makeup shades are a bit too muted for me. They’ve REALLY been changing it up and I am in love with the new lippys and yes…the nail colors are THE ones to watch and TRY to score each and every season! They come out with what seem to be outrageous shades. People flinch: within a month, everywhere is sold out of them and they begin to command insane prices on Ebay.Other companies start to “dupe” (ie, copy very closely) the shades Chanel releases and that’s great but let me tell you that there is nothing like the real deal Baby and this is from a girl who remembers being on a 200 name waitlist for a bottle of the original “Vamp”: I actually bought a bottle at a department store in a small western town while traveling and was offered a LOT for it but you couldn’t have paid me any money back then because I thought I was all that wearing my bloody-red polish with the shocking name!

Well, they’ve managed to do it yet again this coming season with the release of “Paradoxal” for Fall 2010: don’t be deceived by the photo, you MUST see this shade in person to appreciate it’s uniqueness! A gorgeous purple but one that has obvious taupe and grey-tones in it and one that manages to look distinctive ad incredibly fabulous on everyone who tried it! It’s current, on trend, ever so striking. It is perfection in a rich, creamy formula that makes you believe it’s worth the hefty pricetag! No dupe available and I for one am glad…Chanel deserves full credit for capturing the essence of sexy, classy Fall 2010 in a small bottle. It’s really that good and as someone who literally has boxes of nail colors-one of the prettiest ever because it manages to be elegant and a bit dirty at the same time (always my favorite attitude to throw out there!)

I know…many are going to not only flinch but bash the price tag and I honestly don’t blame you, it IS a lot of cash but what else can you buy for this amount that will SO perfectly elevate your look for the season into one that others envy? “Paradoxal” means “having the nature of paradox, seemingly full of contradictions…” Oh yeah, that is good and I want people to notice, comment, even wonder why and what that color is on my nails this Fall. Both the shade and the name define what every woman is to me perfectly!

You can buy this trend defining gem of the stylish-set here!

We at know you’re dying to own this too and you’re gonna’ like us: one random poster will be chosen next week to receive their own brand spanking new bottle of Chanel’s impressive (and soon to be sold out!) shade of nail color,”Paradoxal”

You need to post and tell us how you intend to update YOUR personal beauty look for Fall 2010 and why you think this color would fit right into your plans! Good Luck and get to posting! Kiss

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