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Every Thursday Rachael Robbins brings you the best of her DD’s. This week it’s her must haves for debauchery!

Don’t you wish there was a beauty product that could actually wash away our sins? Or something to just cover them up? I just spent a week with Meg in L.A. and I desperately need a product such as this, and QUICK!! Meg and I are what the psychiatric community would call “Enablers” (you thought I was going to say sociopaths, I know you did, and at times this past week, I might have agreed with you).

Anyway, even though there aren’t any sin-washers available at this time (but I hear the Vatican has something in development) there are beauty products I’ve mentioned in the past that cover up beauty sins. Self tanner like Almay’s “Bare It All Leg’s” is good quick fix for covering up bruises obtained on the dance floor at 3am (or in our case the kitchen/dance floor of a certain celebrity). And Band Aid’s Blister Block to heal beat up feet we got from walking the two blocks from the Standard to the Comedy Store on Sunset. Crest White Strips to bleach away the nicotine stains after 2 packs of cigarettes a night. And Burt’s Bees Repair Serum for rug burns and tired and abused skin.

Well, today I want to add a few things this list of quick fixes and sin-coverers. Say for instance you are in L.A. and have no power in 115 degree weather, coupled with hard core hang overs every day and you can’t seem to fit in a trip to the best waxing place in the universe (Pink Cheeks on Ventura) Then Carefree’s Face and Bikini Total Wax Strip Kit to the rescue! Carefree has just come out with a great line of products for getting rid of unwanted body hair. They also have a leg depilatory Totally Smooth Leg Cream with Blade Free Razor, and to maintain those smooth legs After Hair Removal Totally Smooth Daily Moisturizer. The best thing about these products is that they don’t smell like the stinky hair removers of yester yore. They have a fresh clean scent. And they really work! The after hair removal cream is my favorite. Rich and super hydrating.

I guess the moral of this story is that sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield, but in either case, wouldn’t you want to be perfectly groomed?

Disclaimer I have no idea what she is talking about, I have been home all week knitting! XOXO Meg

Any other Carefree fans out there?

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