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Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman

Sharond here! I am a person who can not pass a shop if there is a chance they sell makeup, fragrance or bath and spa type products.  I am always on the look for a new brand or a new unique scent.

A number of years ago when my father was in the hospital I noticed his skin was getting very dry and his feet was developing cracks.  Since he was unable to tell me if his dry skin was making him uncomfortable, I assumed he would like to have a moisturizing foot massage and have his face washed with a cool cloth to make him more comfortable.  Since I had already used up the 5 ounce hand lotion the hospital furnished I asked for another bottle.  They explained you only get one bottle and additional bottles would cost $7.00.  What? For that poor excuse for lotion?  I decided to head down to the gift shop and see if they had something similar to Suave or Jergens.  Instead I found a treasure trove of products from a company called Camille Beckman.  The counter was filled with their lotions, body butters, talc’s, soap, and salt scrub that had me entranced.  Of course all of these products were geared toward women and their fragrances ran from light to heavy. Since my Dad had asthma and allergies, I decided on the only unscented lotion in the line, Unscented Vitamin E Hand Therapy.  I found the Hand Therapy significantly helped my Fathers dry skin.  I put the product on quite liberally the first few days and noticed that later I could use less.  It went on easy and absorbed completely.

I was spending a lot of time at the hospital and staying in a hotel since I was a 1000 miles from home, I bought myself the Rozalia Body Butter and their luscious Cane Sugar Body Polish.  I later ordered shampoo and conditioner, soap, talc and the roll on cologne on line since they were not available in the little hospital gift shop.

I was immediately hooked on this light powdery fragrance with a subtle rose almost powdery scent.  Camille Beckman says the product has a deep soft, complex undertone however I could not distinguish what that fragrance is.  I love all forms of body scrubs; sugar, salt, coconut, or rice, and expect a good body scrub to exfoliate without scratching, leaving skin smooth and moisturized.  Camille Beckman’s Cane Sugar Body Scrub delivers as promised and at a very reasonable price.  Using the body scrub along with the body butter, talc, and cologne leaves you smooth, softly scented without being over powering, making my skin feel like velvet and sexy.

Camille Beckman, based in Eagle, Idaho, has been in business for 16 years and has been selling on line for 8 years. You will not find their products in big stores.  Their wonderful products are only available in small stores and online.  They base their formula’s on rich and wholesome ingredients, blending them in a hand crafted, old fashioned method resulting in a difference you can feel.

Their website is very easy to use, with all products having ingredients and manufacturing methods listed, organized so they are easy to find, quick shipping, and with orders come small samples to try and are a great size for travel.

Have any of you ladies ever tried Camille Beckman? What did you think?


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