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Vexy here! love jasmine. I really do. My tastes usually aren’t as… floral, to be honest, but something about jasmine really gets my nose going, even more than my beloved fresh green and citrus scents. It’s just got that little bit of a fresh “something” that I absolutely love, with a refreshing sweetness and a little pinch of spiciness underneath it all. I first fell in love with it the first time I ever went into a LUSH store and I picked up a Youki-Hi bath bomb. As soon as I got home and dropped that little ball into my bath, the scent of jasmine enthralled and enchanted me, and I forever fell in love with LUSH.

So, in honor of my new job, I decided to review what is, by far, my favorite jasmine fragrance ever!

Bvlgari is a fantastic fragrance house and I have loved almost all the scents I have tried by them, but Voile Jasmin is by far my favorite. If there’s one drawback to the wonderful scent of jasmine, it’s that it can be slightly overpowering and can almost have that “choking” effect to those around you. I’ve had friends that think it’s almost old-lady, but never with Voile Jasmin.

The secret to Voile Jasmin is it’s delicate blend of other scents. Orange Blossom and Italian Bergamot add a little bit of tangy punch to the top notes, where as mimosa, ylang ylang, and rose balance out the middle so the jasmine isn’t entirely overpowering. Instead, it is fresh and light and not at all “old lady” or “choking”. The dry down is pretty and subtle, and rather than drying down to something different. It lasts a good while and smells pretty throughout it’s stages.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic floral, perhaps for a wedding or just for lighter evenings, this is a great choice!

What about you ladies? Have you all fallen under the spell of Voile Jasmin?


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