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troutpoutI am here to admit that when it comes to certain things, I am a snob: Goddess Granny couldn’t care less about the label on my jeans anymore because I’ve actually found less expensive brands that make my butt look better and my huge tub of “Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme” makes my skin so nice that someone actually told me I “had a glow” recently and it’s very inexpensive at any drugstore! I care about things like quality food, plush towels that you can cuddle into and most recently lingerie that makes me feel extraordinary regardless of what’s on top! (Obsessed with anything Marleis Dekkers creates and swear to replace every item in my drawer with her pretties! )I’d rather wear a bit of bling a favorite gal-pal gifts to me than pricey jewelry without meaning and I’d rather enjoy a good movie at home with popcorn than to fight touchy-feely hands in an overdressed and overpriced crowded club for sure!

Little things seem to make me the most content lately and I have decided that what I wear on my nails “matters”: I am not a small girl and built like a Barbie on steroids so my clothes tend to be simple and mostly neutral in color therefore I add my own touch with color on my nails and I never fail to receive compliments: nothing is “off limits” when it comes to toes and I’m not a fan of “nail art” (although I admire it on others!) and my fingertips are usually painted with a shade that makes me “seasonally” happy! I have three favorite brands and all are in my opinion, the “best of the bunch” because I have tried SO many and keep coming back to and paying a bit more for these: Deborah Lippmann, Rescue Beauty Lounge and Butter London. All three endlessly satisfy me with new and unique to the market shades and all three have NONE of the nasty chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene! The formulas are rich and some are even resin-based which add to the wearability and I love all three brands equally depending on which color I’m feeling at mani/pedi time!

Since 2005, UK based “Butter London” has translated current and very high fashion runway trends into shades of nail lacquer that are not only cutting edge but actually designed to compliment and become a part of a great outfit or look! Their “fashionable friends” like Betsey Johnson, Victoria Beckham,and Rachel Zoe among many others rely on Butter London to translate their designs into TRUE fashionable shades so that Butter London’s clients actually do get to experience their sensational fashion-sense in a small but important way!

Their lacquer’s are “3-free” of chemicals and their unique “waterless formulas” (now available as well!) were created for backstage high performance use where water isn’t an option when it comes to quick spruce-up of a model’s nails! Details “matter” people and I believe that even if you’re in a white t-shirt,jeans,and flip-flops that if your nails are flawless and colored in a gorgeous shade, you’ve also nailed what being “well presented” is all about!

I am in love…no…I’m over the MOON about one of the newest Spring/Summer Butter London shades named (and I giggle every time I say it!) “Trout Pout!” If you don’t get the cultural reference,that’s okay: it’s slang used to describe women who’ve OBVIOUSLY had WAY too much “filler” injected into their lips, usually the upper one as many derma-docs are afraid to line the lower as well and the result is…..a “trout pout!” Some of the names Butter London uses to describe their nail lacquers are so entertaining and even a bit cheeky at times and I love when a brand can laugh at itself,when you’re this good you can! “Trout Pout” is a creamy, opaque, like NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE rather 60-70’s retro shade of cantaloupe-pink that is SO pretty and feminine on it’s breathtaking! It’s got this old-school Playmate kind of vibe and I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve had since I put it on last week,men love it and women want to know what it is! The ultimate girly- shade for Spring 2012 in my book and I’m not changing it any time soon!

The square bottle takes a bit of getting used to but the brush is dense and rich and the lacquer flows on effortlessly with great coverage! Experts “say” that one should always use two coats in order to get the true depth of a color but you’ll notice the glam-factor after one with this shade! It’s dressy without being formal and although I LOVE dark nail colors, “Trout Pout” is making me smile every time I see it and it’s such fun to tell people the name when they ask…and they will!

Buy it here! I love the colorful fantasy-design of the Butter London site and be sure to browse the other shades as well! “No More Waity Katie” is another favorite of mine, again a VERY different shade of grey’d lilac with sparkle that’s also perfect for the season!

I also think the collection can be found at some “Ulta’s” as well: I JUST discovered that several of the incredible shades of nail lacquer can ALSO be had in a “LIPPY???”Be still my heart and I just ordered “Trout Pout” and “Snog” as fast as my fingers could hit the “Buy” button!

The “Lippys” are rumored to be more like a pigmented and quite incredible liquid-lipstick rather than a sheer gloss, free of all the bad-stuff, and from what I can determine, destined to be as famous as their nail-painting sister shades and I will report to you on them asap!

Find them here!

Do you also get excited about new nail colors and don’t you agree that the little details are what result in one helluva’ fabulous look? What are you dying to wear on your nails for Spring 2012?

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