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The delicious and decadent reps from Bubalina sent Megs Makeup out tubs of their body butter to review.

I just showered and smeared the thick, luxurious Body Butter in Dolce all over my body. The L.A. weather has been dry and my skin is drinking this up like crazy. It reminds me of myself with a frothy concoction on a hot day and an umbrella next to the straw. My skin is gulping it up with the same speed as my sipping!

O.K., it’s great, but really, is body butter a true necessity? I just lost my train of thought. Did I order cupcakes? Why do I need cupcakes? I think a burglar has broken into my house and started to bake a beautiful vanilla dessert. Wait a second. It’s my arm, no it’s my neck and stomache. What is going on? I smell so..MMmmm. I smell so yummy.

Back to the post, do we really need a butter to make our body smooth and supple? You know what would be good right now? Cotton Candy. Sugary sweet, just spun cotton candy. My skin is fairly smooth. I don’t know if for everyday I would need this thick, creamy, sweet lotion. Why is my husband rubbing my legs? This is very strange. Why is he rubbing my legs and saying I feel like velvet? Did he have to use the word “velvet”? God, I would kill for a slice of red velvet cake right now.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can say a lady really NEEDS a body butter. Why is my husband bringing me a glass of champagne? This is ridiculous, “Jason, stop rubbing my feet! What has gotten into you”!!!

Here’s what Bubalina says about their Dolce Body Butter. I must have gotten the vanilla flavor. I have to go, my husband is actually trying to nibble me. For the love of God this stuff is dangerous!! Here’s the claim…”A decadently delicious – almost edible – bath and body experience has just been introduced by these sweet treats. Let natural extracts of cocoa & hazelnut (in chocolat), and exotic vanilla (tahitian Vanilla) arouse the senses and satisfy the skin“.

Ladies please post if Bubalina Body Butter aroused your skin and senses or if you just scrapped it for a drive through of doughnuts !?!

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