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Sweetassgal here to bring you the best natural and organic products our Mother Earth has to offer us by the way of Green Chi Tuesdays!

What’s the old saying…’The road to hell is paved with good intentions?’…well in my case the saying is true. In my world the road represents a lifelong journey to live a greener existence while helping take care of the earth and the good intentions are marked by my many sad and disastrous failures. To give you a little background into my deranged psyche I should note that I was raised by a strongly feminist, bell bottom wearing, macrame plant hanging, beaded curtain loving, Kool-aid, Wonder Bread and Mac N’ Cheese eschewing hippie mother…and GOD LOVE her for it!

Though my mother passed many of her healthy habits on to me, she also subjected me to torturous experiments and vile experiences NO child should ever have to endure. Two words…CARROT JUICE. In my mothers zealous search for the perfect vitamin packed breakfast food she began juicing everything. Soon my breakfast routine consisted of pinching my nose and gagging down 8 ounces of thick, gooey, pure blended carrots while trying not to throw it back up again on my prized Strawberry Shortcake T-shirt. My prison sentence ended when I was sent home from school because my teacher thought I had jaundice. I did not but the carrot juice had managed to turn me oompa-loompa orange. Strike number one.

Freshman year of High School I expanded my growing list of eco-failures by attempting to rid my schools locker room of CFC spouting hair sprays. In the age of big hair I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me about the true cost of sky high bangs to our O-zone layer and set out to confiscate and dispose of the offending cans of Aqua Net and Aussie Mega Spray (was there any other hairspray in the 80’s!?!). Not only did I piss off every girl in my gym class but I landed my tree hugging butt in the principals office as well. Strike number two.

As an adult I’ve found myself in the roll of Green Chi reviewer. It’s a small contribution to the earth but one I take seriously and try very hard to execute with well researched knowledge, cheeky humor and useful product reviews. So here goes strike number three. The offending opponent…natural deodorants. I simply cannot find a natural deodorant that I can endorse with a clear conscience. Each and every time I find them to be ineffectual, sticky, stinky, extremely pricey and often times an actual threat to my ensemb du jour. I would love to have eco-friendly, B-O free pits but its just not happening. In fact I end up smelling more like the patchouli bathing hippie throwbacks that work at International Imports selling crystals, Bob Marley posters and key rings with sayings like ‘I’m not as think as you drunk I am’.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, keep on truckin’ I guess (they have that on a key chain at Int’l Imports too) and until they come up with a natural De-O to fight my B-O my next best option is simply bathe daily and use a soap free, botanical body wash like Boscia Jujube Rejuvenist Amino Body Wash. Not only is this body wash preservative, sulfite and alcohol free, and highly enriched with Amino Acids, but its works as a natural skin beautifier and deodorant as well! See what they have to say…

“Jujube Rejuvenist Amino Body Wash:A lavish body wash with a soap-free lather fortified with amino acids.Gently cleanses for healthy, younger-looking skin. The invigorating natural essences of orange and mint will revive your senses.Jujube fruit encourages healthy cell rejuvenation and a strengthening of the skin for a smoother, firmer appearance. Protect your body against aging with organic jojoba leaf and green tea; also a natural deodorant. Indulge in amino acids such as serine and alanyl-glutamine to hydrate and help tone and firm skin. A powerful anti-irritant willowherb works with raspberry leaf and encapsulated panthenol (vitamin B5) to soothe and calm sensitivities.”

Check it out and let me know if you have a better option or possibly…GASP…a natural deodorant that doesn’t make me smell like the guy that sits in the corner of my neighborhood Starbucks swilling Sumatra, wiping his hands on his dirty hemp caftan, and picking the ‘buds’ out of his teeth from his funny smelling hand rolled herbal cigarette. I hate that guy!!!

GLAM ON megsmakup gals! Any other Boscia devotees?


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