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Live review ahead! Jeanasina here Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body is on my face as I write this! I wanted to be up close and personal with the product as I review it for you.

First let me say, I am a vision! I am sitting in front of my computer screen, with a large make-up mirror to my left so I can monitor the mud in action. My hair is pulled back into my hair outta there’ wrap which if you read my profile you will know I think this contraption is the absolute BEST thing ever made for facial amenities. Anyway, right this moment…to the casual observer (such as my boyfriend) it appears I am auditioning for a remake of the movie “G.I.Jane.” To top it off I am wearing glasses over the mask so I can see what I am writing about. Beauty is a woman named Jeanasina!

Ok, so the mud is silky dark green and they say to “Pack it on thickly“. By the way, I don’t know about the large jar instructions, but on the 2.5 oz jar I am using right now the instructions are so tiny, I needed my reading glasses AND the use of a magnifying glass to actually read the important details about what you are expected to do with the product. I’m thinking even an ant couldn’t read this printing! It’s yellow writing on an orange container – who thought this would be helpful! It cautions you to avoid the eye and mouth area. Well I’m thinking based on the tingling sensation on my face that if I got it in my eye – it could be a great get-out-of-work card for the next morning when I show up at work and tell them I have pink eye and need to leave immediately! LOL! But that’s just a thought – I wouldn‘t want any of you to act on it anytime soon.

So the mask does harden nice and tight and it’s even holding the large wrinkle in the middle of my forehead taut! You are supposed to leave it on for 2-5 minutes but I left it on even longer so I’d really get the full effect with the product completely dry on my face.

It’s time to remove with a wet sponge and cool water (those are the actual instructions). My boyfriend upon looking at me after the removal said…”Your face looks really clean! It’s really red and it’s really smooth!” (actual kiss on the cheek and hand caress was involved here.)

I didn’t have any kind of a ’sponge’ as specified in the directions so I used a washcloth. Note: Don’t plan to ever use that washcloth again for anything. This is my 2nd face test of using this product and I tried washing the last washcloth but it looks like I used it outside to clean my gardening tools and it’s now in the rag bag. My face feels very tight and like I need to get some nurturing skin products on it soon – it’s very thirsty right now and my skin is somewhat on the dry side which also makes a difference. I guess my skin looks almost radiant and if I was younger I bet it would look spectacular! I have yet to try it on other areas of my skin – who knows maybe it could give my buttocks a new lease on life!

I’d definitely try it again and to make it really dreamy, paint it on with a brush like they do at the spa instead of using your calloused hand or a kitchen spatula. Thanks for spending this time with me!

Borghese Cleansing Mud Mask for Face and Body Gives devitalized, over-tense skin a new surge of vitality with clear, youthful radiance. Moisturizes and relaxes tired lines. Helps firm and elasticize body skin. Leaving skin in a receptive state for further Borghese treatment.”

Ladies, I know there are a lot of Borghese fans out there! What are yor favorites?

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