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It’s that time of year again! Ugh. I know. I’m here to help you out though. I know we don’t have a bunch of men that read this site so ladies, feel free to copy and paste this link and send it on to your betrothed!

There are two ideas here. One for the lucky ladies that live in the big apple and one for those that want a similar lush experience! I turned 30 this year. Beautyzilla presented me with the most beautiful present from the famous perfume house of Bond No.9 New York. It was a fantastic looking gift certificate surrounded by tester vials of the New York themed Bond scents wrapped like candies. The actual gift certificate? Shaped like the famous Bond bottle. Inscribed was a message telling me that Beautyzilla had arranged for me to actually go down to Bond No. 9 and create my own custom fragrance! I was only in NYC for a very short time so I am going back to experience this!

I just hung up the phone with Bond’s own fabulous Briana. She had sent Meg’s Makeup some fantastic samples of their scents to review. While I had her on the phone I wanted to learn more about my gift certificate. What I found out is making me want to purchase my flight out to the big city right now! Then I thought what an awesome thoughtful gift for someone that has access to the four Bond No. 9 stores! Although, if you can, try to make it to the flagship store on (of course) Bond Street! It’s the largest one.

Once you make your appointment for your custom scent be sure you’ve set aside at least two hours. You really don’t want to rush ANYTHING! Picking your signature scent should require time and effort. Besides, how much of a Princess you’re going to feel like with all this attention and service is not a feeling I’d want to end anytime soon. Sit yourself down at a long, glamorous table with a knowledgeable Bond Girl. The Bond girl will have 27 of their famous scents in front of you. She’ll go over all of the notes in each bottle. Spend time smelling each one and getting to know what smells great on you!
Would you like to mix New Harlem with Little Italy? Maybe you’ll be drawn to New York Fling? After all, who wouldn’t want a fling while giving off a great bergamot, freesia and amber scent? The experience doesn’t end there. To make it even more exclusive, you are presented with a choice of several beautiful “flacons” some mortals call them “bottles”. You are also presented with several different pump choices. This bottle and scent is truly a reflection of you all the way around!

Now that’s what I call a present! Thank-you again Beautyzilla! The cost for this day in heaven will run you around $385.00 It’s a beautiful gift for an important person in your life (O.K. Thanks Beautyzilla, now I’m going to cry). A guaranteed “OH MY WORD”!! will escape the recipients mouth! If I were a man looking for some love I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

Meg, that’s great. I live 3,000 miles from New York! Now I want some!! Yes, Bond No. 9 has not forgotten us non-New Yorkers. Due to the popularity of the “custom” experience Bond has come up with a (less expensive) yet still thoughtful and fun gift! The Perfumista’s Custom Blend Box is a simply divine looking box of 16 different perfume scents wrapped 8 on each row like candy. It comes with a to die for gold purse atomizer and with a fantastic mixing funnel. Who says New York gals have to have all the fun? Make your own blend for an enchanting scent! Another TOP PICK for a holiday present! Who wouldn’t shout in glee after opening this fabulous gift? The box even includes some suggestions of “recipes” to try out. Maybe you’re a little uptown and love money? Then try mixing “Park Avenue” with their bestselling “Wall Street”. Summer lover’s may find that “Fire Island” is a mix to play with during the winter chill. At a price of $240.00, it would also be a fabulously indulgent gift for a special someone!

Sweet-smelling Briana mailed off some different sample “flacons” of their bestselling fragrances. Since perfume is such a personal item we’re just going to describe the different scents best we can.

Appointments for Custom Blending can be made at 1-877-273-3369

To buy the Perfumista’s Custom Blend Box click the hyperlink below.

Bond no. 9

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