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The smooth and lovely reps from The Body Shop sent Megs Makeup out some tubs of their Spa Wisdom Hydration Body Baume. It could not have come at a better time! It’s been so dry out and this body baume requires the most minimal spreading. Unlike a lot of other “body baumes” this spreads like butta so you don’t have to spend forever rubbing it in so it doesn’t get on your clothes. It’s a seeper! It does just seep right in.

The only thing that scared me was it was yellow. Now, I have to tell you this is probably too much information but I think it is pretty interesting. I don’t like bananas. I don’t get sick from them or anything but I just hate the taste of them. I don’t like the smell of a banana either. I do like monkeys.

So one time I was at the gyno having my yearly and we have this conversation.
Gyno: Any allergies?

Me: Latex

Gyno: Oh, you must hate bananas.

How wacky is that? There was a study published that said people with latex allergies tend to dislike bananas because there is some kind of latex compound in the banana. So there it is. Your handy science fun fact of the day.

I know that tidbit but way off so I’ll get back to the body baume. The yellow color made me hesitate to open and use this baby. That’s only because I did not know what “MONOI” meant. It’s not in the dictionary but it seems to be associated with Tahiti and tropical flowers. It’s heavenly, a really sexy vacation scent. This balm smells like an expensive vacation and I’m for that!

Here’s what The Body Shop says about there Spa Wisdom Monoi Moisture Baume “An incredibly rich and intensely creamy body moisturizer to envelop your skin with the fantastic scent of tropical flowers”.

Ladies please let our other women in need of a tropical vacation know whether this baume gets you ready to pack a bag!

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