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buritibabybutterBabyLove here!   When I was a teenager, I remember buying Body Butter from The Body Shop, and not being very impressed.  I thought it was a little greasy, and never bought another tube of it.  So, still after 10 years I was a little hesitant about their offer to send out some Buriti Baby Butter.  I’m happy to announce that I am now a huge fan!

The Buriti Tree, found in the Amazon rain forest, produces the oil used in this baby body butter.  There is a whole line made from this, including wash, shampoo, and massage gel.  The line is tear free and free from artificial colors and alcohol.  Paraben and preservative free, the butter is perfect for sensitive skin.

The butter is not overly thick, it’s more like a souffle, and smoothes on nicely.  This time around, it isn’t one bit greasy.  The first time smelling it, I thought it was going to be a little too “floral” smelling for me (I have a thing with floral patterns, floral smells, etc.  My house growing up was adorned with floral everything), but turned out to smell much less overwhelming once applied to the skin.  I have used this on both my kids, and myself, and really believe that it does leave the skin much more moisturized, especially now that the weather is turning.

The price is $20 for a 7 ounce round tube, but used sparingly, it lasts.  I’m not entirely sure that I’ll buy this again, but I will definitely try something else from the line.  The nice thing about The Body Shop, is that there really is something for everyone there.  With the holidays coming up, the store is always a sure bet for already assembled gift bags, and that makes everyone’s life a little easier.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday!  Also, if there are products that you use at home, and think that everyone else should know about, please get in touch with me and pass on your secrets!

Has anyone else used Body Shop Body Butters? What did you think?

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