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Every other Friday is Doll’s House, where Desertdoll brings you some of the best items in the house!

With Halloween upon us, I’m so pleased to be able to introduce the gloriousness and sometimes spookiness that is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils (also known as BPAL).

I believe they explain themselves best…“Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab specializes in formulating intriguing and compelling blends with a dark, romantic, and sexual tone. Our scents run the aesthetic gamut, Medieval and Victorian formulas, pagan and mythological blends, and horror / gothic-themed scents. We create unique, masterfully molded scent environments that capture legends and folklore, poetry, and the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Simply put: this is no ordinary perfume house.”

That is an understatement! I have never been so enthralled by a fragrance maker before. With a description like that, you don’t have to be a Goth to be intrigued. Their oils are rich and complex and layer beautifully. The best part? They are under 20 dollars! Where else can you get a new scent for under $20? Especially a hand-blended one based on something as unique as Alice in Wonderland, the cities of the world or the seven deadly sins? Plus, you can purchase “imps” (sample vials) of most of their oils for $3.50.

Their website can be a bit daunting, as they have close to 600 scents. But like anything, the more you explore, the more you learn. And their search engine is a beginner’s handbook to BPAL. You can enter scent names (if you know them) and it will bring up the description OR simply enter a fragrance note you love and it will list oils that contain that note. For example, one of my first searches was for “tuberose”. Turns out there’s 7 oils that contain it, from the likely (Delight has Frangipani, with rose, tuberose, and jasmine) to the unexpected (Carnaval Diabolique contains lemon flower, tuberose, black musk, vanilla, and coconut). Furthermore, click on the name of any oil in the search and it takes you to their forum where you can read other’s reviews of the scent. Absolutely brilliant!

Add to all this mystique their rotating line up of limited edition scents that become available only for the seasons or events that represent. Halloween oils are around till Nov 15th (I am wearing Pumpkin #3 right now, a gorgeous blend of Pumpkin with white chocolate, caramel, pomegranate, and cream). The holiday Yule blends have just been introduced and a portion of each sale benefits Aids Project Los Angeles. And any day now, their anniversary scents are being released to celebrate their 5th year in operation.

The always-intoxicating Kathy sent us an assortment of their most popular oils to test, including some recent limited editions. So lucky ladies, please let us know what oil you received and tell us, did BPAL have you wishing every day was Halloween?

BPAL – Buy it Here!


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