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Attention: Ladies with Feet!! – It’s Jeanasina reporting to you from Wednesday’s Body Beautiful Headquarters here today with a review of Be Silky Callus Spray with Lemongrass!

I’m not one to spend a lot of time on nurturing and beautifying my feet (I know – how appalling and I’m a woman) but I don’t have the time and trying to get in a position where I can even access my feet is a huge chore. Body baggage gets in the way of bending over – so I try to save up and go to a professional manicurist for a pedicure/foot cleansing and THAT is always my idea of pampering, bliss, and guaranteed professional results! In the meantime – black combat boots can hide a multitude of sins on the feet! Not feminine you are thinking? Ha! Think PINK POLISH! Instead of pink toe nails I paint the entire area of a combat boot HOT PINK and nobody is going to mess with or question a 60 year old woman with hot pink combat boots! They won’t even dare let you catch them looking at you!

Since I got this particular product in the mail to review (Be Silky Callus Spray with Lemongrass) I figured I had to give it a shot at least once! So, I plodded my way down the basement and sat on the washing machine with my feet in our big double laundry room tubs soaking (as directed) my feet, before the actual application of this potent callus spray to my heels and other assorted callused areas. Yes, I have a glamorous life most of you can only dream of and I’m sure you are thinking the women in Minnesota are rather primitive – but this is how it is at my house. I do own one of those foot spa things that is supposed to stimulate your tired feet when you soak in it – but I get nothing out of the vibration settings it has (maybe my feet are dead) and the water never stays warm when the gizmo is plugged in which seems like a BAD idea anyway – having your feet in water and IT’S PLUGGED IN!!!! So…plain old dishpan in the laundry tub it is.

You know the familiar saying “Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid!” …well after reading the directions on the Be Silky Callus Spray, where it strongly suggests that you BETTER BE WEARING GLOVES when you handle this stuff and that you NEED TO GET IT OFF of the treated area and any other “contacted” (maybe they meant contaminated) area WITHIN 10 minutes…let’s just say I was less than excited to get this party started on my feet! I don’t know about you ladies, but I need my feet every day and if there was going to be some foot areas that were about to be decapitated as a result of trying this product – maybe I could learn to love my thick course durable calluses!

Needless to say I made out my will BEFORE I sprayed this stuff on my hardened calluses just in case I went over the 10 minute mark that is considered the maximum amount of time you should actually let this product remain on your skin!

With gloved hands I shot off some sprays on the offending feet hardenings and hit my stop watch. After 3 or maybe 5 minutes of absorption, I got out my world class buffer (looks somewhat like my Harley man’s manual sander) and I began to work it on my foot. Blood curdling screams were heard echoing through the basement – I think it was me because I have sensitive feet and like I said, sometimes I can’t even see my feet so who knows what I was trying to eradicate!

I sprayed some more on and sanded some more and wished my boyfriend had gone to cosmetology school to become a manicurist instead of wasting his money on a Harley so HE could be lovingly administering to my feet at that moment!

I huffed, and I buffed, and I tried to spray those calluses down.

My final thoughts on this product…in all honesty, this product didn’t cause any miraculous softening of my dry callus build-up that I could visibly notice big time and I felt like I still had to use the brutal buffer for quite a long time to get to the nice part.

I’m thinking I need to try this a lot more often to really be able to tell if it makes it that much easier to buff those evil calluses into smooth touchable portions of my foot. However, I actually won’t be conducting any more tests with this particular product because…in my mind IF YOU HAVE TO WEAR GLOVES – where is the comfort zone in THAT? Also…I’m thinking that this is not a product that is ‘GOING GREEN’ anytime soon! It say’s KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! I am a child at heart so I think I will just wrap this stuff up in some heavy duty bubble wrap, cover that with silver duct tape, put that in a plastic Tupper wear container and then have that sealed up in those bags you see on TV that suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner and THEN I’m going to put it out for our trash guy to pick up and hope that nobody gets hurt. No offense Meg – but I know you want true reviews.

Here’s what Be Silky Callus Spray with Lemongrass says..“Experience Luxury at its best. Be Silky’s unique formula gently prepares rough, dry callus build-up while delivering advanced hydration. This revolutionary Callus Spray penetrates deeply enabling you to simply file or buff away extra callus build-up to reveal smoother, healthier skin.”

Any ladies out there have a better and more effective experience then I did?

Be Silky Callus Spray With Lemongrass~Buy It Here!

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