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I’m writing to you from yet another glamorous film location, Spartanburg, SC. We might even be in Georgia or NC at this point, all the peach plantations and boiled peanut roadside stands are starting to blend together I’ve been here so long! Here’s something I learned while on this shoot: don’t ever eat at The Cracker Barrel.

On my day off I hopped in a car and headed a few hours into the mountains to a little hippie town called Asheville, NC in search of vegetarian cuisine.You might recognize the name of this town because it was in the tabloids when George Clooney brought his girlfriend for a stay.

Anyway, while in Asheville I discovered a really cool store called Bath Junkie Its an adorable shop that let’s you design your own bath products! All kinds of creams, shower gels, body lotions, shimmers, you name it!! So, you pick the product, the scent (there’s tons to pick from and you can combine as many as you wish), then you choose the color and they whip up your very own unique product! The creams are only $11!! Very affordable! Another cute novelty item is their soap fortune cookies. Packaged in a little take out container, of course! I made my body lotion coconut vanilla…YUMMY!!

They have a web site and any of their stores will ship your creations right to your door! I know its not a drugstore deal, but $11 for rich, creamy body lotion that sprays out for easy application and smells like your fantasy scent??? That’s definitely a deal to me!!

If anyone else knows of any good custom places for beauty products, I’d love to hear about them!

We apologize to anyone whose feelings were hurt by the original post. I know Rachael meant it humorously. We all are sorry if it read differently, now lets get back to the importance of custom beauty! Everyone is friends again..Right? xoxo Meg

Bath Junkie-Buy It Here!

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