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barielleBabyLove here!  When I was in my early twenties, I always, no matter what, had my feet perfectly manicured.  Every two weeks, and even in the dead of winter, I’d make sure to book a pedicure.  Now, the only thing I have time to book are doctor appointments for sick, booger nosed kids.  I’m honestly LUCKY if I fit in two or three pedicures a year.  Every time I have a few minutes to relax, the thought of getting up, shaving my legs, and getting in the car is exhausting.  And honestly, having my feet look nice is almost more important to me than having my hair trimmed.

There are products that, when you receive them, you know that you can sort of depend on to work.  Take makeup, for example.  It might not be the absolute best makeup you’ve ever used, but for the most part, if you buy a bronzer, you can expect that it will bronze your skin.  You might hate the color it turns you, and it might break your skin out, but it still makes you look tan.  I guess my point is, that it’s much easier to judge a product that you see immediate results from.  So, I think we can all be a little skeptical when we receive “magical” creams to reverse our lines, and awful stretch marks.  Some of these products work, of course, but they take time, and I know that I can be extremely impatient.

When Arielle, from Barielle, sent me Barielle’s Rejuvenating Foot Cream, I figured I’d give it a fair shot, but not get my hopes up too high.  The back of my $22 tube of MAGIC reads, “The unique blend of Glycoluc and Alpha Hydroxy acids combine to yield a time release system that will help exfoliate and reveal a fresher lookin layer of skin, renew cell production, and assist in the regulation of excessive perspiration.”  I have to say, it does all of this.

I used this cream twice a day, as suggested.  I applied a layer to my heals, and problem areas, and put my socks on.  You really have to use it for at least a week before you see results, and mine were drastic.  All the dead skin on my feet really disappeared.  My skin was smooth, and moist, and it looked like I had gone in for my bi-monthly pedi.  I was really shocked that it worked so well.  On a “tmi” side note, my feet sweat like crazy.  I think it’s a hereditary disease, and it’s super gross.  I’m not sure how this cream is capable of making my feet less sweaty, and nasty, but it does.  I’ve discussed this product with other reviewers, and I’m sure you’ll see in the comments to follow, that everyone is raving about it.

Barielle smells light, so you’re not overpowered by it’s scent.  It smells like a little bit of lavender, and a little bit of lemon.  The cream is a little  greasy, and it takes a little bit of time to soak in, so be patient.  A little bit of this cream goes a long way, so it’s not necessary to use a ton.  I promise, try this stuff, and you will fall in love.  In 2006, InStyle named this the, “Best Foot Cream on the Market.”  Four years later, and I think it’s still the best.

Barielle’s website has all sorts of goodies for your hands, nails, feet, and skin.  It’s a “pamper yourself,” kind of line, and isn’t it always nice to treat yourself?

Who else has fallen in love with Barielle?

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