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I am sick am tired of all this suffering! I suffer for beauty: getting multiple needles stabbed into my forehead and lips, forsaking food to buy $200 dollar face creams, burning my scalp every three weeks with bleach, inhaling toxic fumes at the nail salon, removing the top layer of skin on my face with ‘fruit’ acids, waxing!!

I suffer for my job: my latest job had me standing armpit deep in tick infested grass (I picked TWO creepy crawlies off of me!). Good odds for an actress is 90% rejection. I am constantly fighting to keep my clothes on! Finding a good agent is like looking for the flippin golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar.

I suffer for love: we live near my husband’s job, in a city that is ABOUT to go thru a renaissance, needless to say, at best we are pioneering. AND we live in the northeast, not in LA where I should be so Meg and I can coordinate our outfits every day.

But I refuse to suffer for fashion ANYMORE!!! If you live in an area of the US where there are actual seasons you’ll understand this suffering: you know when spring has finally really truly sprung and you joyously break out your flip flops for the first time? You walk 2 blocks and your feet are covered with blisters!! You have to spend at least a month working on growing all those calluses in the right places for each pair of summer shoes!

Well, those days are OVER! Band-Aid’s Activ-Flex Blister Block is the most brilliant invention since sliced bread (why is sliced bread so great, anyway?) it’s the greatest thing since cell phones! (That’s better). This stuff is actually proven to stop blisters! It reduces rubbing, is invisible (perfect for open toed summer shoes), and is ridiculously easy to apply. It won’t stain your shoes or make your feet slippery. It’s the bomb (or the “balm”, in this case).

And for all you lucky chicks in warm weather climates, this works great for breaking in new shoes!! But I have one question for all the ladies of Meg’s Make-up: The directions say “Apply to feet or other body parts…….” WHAT OTHER BODY PARTS ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT????????

Ladies that have tried these, how much do you love them!?

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