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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Sorry Mr. Shakespeare…unfortunately in todays world a catchy name, along with name branding and target marketed packaging tend to go a long way! That’s why I always find it remarkable when something with a name like Bag Balm packaged in a funky green can with a picture of cow udders emblazoned on the side seems to have such great staying power. Found in nearly every drugstore in the country, this gooey salve covers everything from a minor cut to major dry skin damage repair. And how do I know this you may ask? Well…if you’ve ever seen the way the father in “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding” uses Windex, then you’ll have some inkling of how my family has revered Bag Balm for decades.

At any crisis moment in my childhood I could depend on my Aunt Pammie to march me and my accident prone cousin Josh straight to the bathroom for a quick application of Bag Balm to ease our pain and suffering. Scraped knees, sun burnt shoulders from riding our bikes around all day with no sunscreen, no matter what the ailment out came the can and on came the goop! As the years went by I got used to the medicinal smell and began to notice the many other benefits the little wonder can with simple ingredients brought. Just a little goes a long way to cure severe chapped lips overnight. Heat rashes, chaffing, severe dry skin, cuts and scrapes, even use to seal new tattoos…anything that may scab. Bag Balm’s antiseptic qualities help heal quickly while minimizing scab size and scarring. It’s even known to be the get all end all cure of impossible diaper rash and end dry scaly patches on your elbows forever. Still, at the end of the day I’d have to say my favorite use is simply to coat my feet with a thin layer (that’s all you need), put on my warmest, woolliest socks and go to bed. Wake up in the morning and even the roughest, dry heels are soft and ready to exfoliate. Any dry skin just rubs right off. This works especially well after a day walking barefoot at the beach. Dry sand and sea water can do a number on your tootsies and Bag Balm is always the solution.

I suggest starting off with the little 1 ounce can available in most places. As I said…a little goes a long way because its extremely emollient. Use too much and you’ll have a greasy mess on your hands so keep it light. I think you’ll find just a tiny tin will last for ages which makes it as economical as it is useful. Lips, elbows, as a cuticle conditioner and hang nail healing aid, rash treatment and razor burn, use it anywhere your cleaver little mind can imagine. It always works wonders. So yes, maybe the words “Bag Balm” might turn you off and I have to admit that the St. Patrick’s Day green can aren’t exactly the cutest thing you’ll have sitting on your vanity, but I can guarantee that it will be the the best multi use tool in your skin softening arsenal!

Any more uses for Bag Balm that you know of? Maybe we don’t have udders but we’ve got plenty of others skin softening opportunities! GLAM ON


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