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kidswashBabyLove here!  Our next product comes from Aura Cacia, a really different company that bases their products on essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy.  Essential oils are proven to have therapeutic properties to stimulate, calm, sedate, etc.

Aura Cacia was kind enough to send us samples of their kid’s body wash, and we loved it.  The wash comes in a bottle with an ENORMOUS orange pump. William loved to use this himself since he has a thing for how much foam he can fit into his palm at once.  Now that he’s getting a little older, it was easy enough for him to dispense the wash onto his face cloth by himself.  Anything that he can handle on his own, only means extra time for me to load the dishwasher or change the clothes into the dryer.

There were no breakouts or skin issues after using this wash, and that is always a HUGE plus.  Even though it’s not specifically designed for both body and hair, I did use it on both without any problem. I know the reviewers who are crazy about those herbal scents are going to love the scent.  I am not one of those people, but the smell wasn’t too much, especially once the kids were bathed in it.  To me, it once again, smelled like a citrus tea bag.

I know more than one reviewer has already gone out and bought more of this.  What’s so nice about this line is that it is available anywhere that has even the smallest organic aisle.  Aura Cacia’s line of body oils, aromatherapy sticks, mists, washes and creams are so unique, and I can’t wait to get my hands on something for me.  Check out their site, and even if you don’t have little ones, you’ll be sure to find something exclusive for you or a friend.

Have you ever used Aura Cacia? I know Meg uses the oils in her aromatherapy recipes. Anyone used this kids wash?

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