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BabyLove here!  Two weekends ago my husband and I were lucky enough to get away for four days to a friend’s wedding. I spot cleaned my house so it would be left in perfect condition for when I came home, and packed three days early. Our departure went so smoothly, and I think it was the first time in 4 years that my husband and I didn’t end up fighting before a few days away from the boys and dogs.

There’s something about taking a bath in my own home that isn’t all that relaxing to me. I have a few ideas why, like, the sound of the boys screaming at one another, the t.v. blaring, the dogs barking, my tub is way too small for me, and it seems as though the second I submerge one cheek (that‘s all that fits) someone is knocking at the door for something. Since I end up being resentful after I unsuccessfully attempt bathing in peace, I decided that taking a long bath is a luxury reserved for vacations.

After our meghead party in Boston, I knew there was one special item I was saving for one of my special retreats.  On, we’re huge fans of Aura Cacia. We’ve reviewed their children’s products, essential oils, and body creams, and we’ve loved everything. Naturally, I suspected I would fall in love with the Aromatherapy Mineral Bath that they scent (get it?), and I was right.

My first night in my luxurious suite at the Hampton Inn J, I filled up the tub, and dumped my packet of Eucalyptus Harvest in. There was nothing but me, and a little bit of silence. I’m not super familiar with the scent of Eucalyptus, actually, I’m not familiar with the scent at all, but my packet smelt like mint and lime combined. The package itself smells much stronger than it does when you’re actually soaking in it, but there’s something about the scent that makes you believe it’s really going to work to calm those sore muscles and decrease your tension. So I wasn’t shocked when I looked up  Eucalyptus and found that it’s oils have long been used in liniments and salves. Liniments are medicinal liquids that are rubbed into the skin to relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

My bath water was silky, smooth, and so was my skin.  What I thought was particularly fantastic, was that even after 20 minutes of soaking, I was still able to see the product in the water.  It didn’t sink to the bottom, or fizzle out after 2 minutes.  When I got out of the bath, I just gave myself a quick rinse, and all remnants, except the smell, were gone. I didn’t feel slimy, or like I needed to take another bath.

I don’t know if it was my time alone, my time away, my tub, or all three, but I really did feel like I was rejuvenated and energized after I got out.  A 2.5 ounce packet, which is plenty for two or three baths, retails for a little more than $3.  I love this line, and I know that you will too.  Their site is so unique, and worth a long look.

Do you ladies love to soak in the bathtub?
Which are your favorite soaking products?

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