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aura caciaSweetassgal here wishing everyone a WONDERFUL Groundhog’s day!  Silly holiday I know but I’ve always loved that Bill Murray movie and often think… what kind of day would I like to live over and over again?  It’s easy… this past Saturday with my Sweetassguy.

For those of you who live in a cave in Sac town (and those of you who just plain don’t live here) we have a small but infamous burger joint known as the “Squeeze Inn”. For over 30 years now residents near and far have been making the trek to this tiny little haven of burger perfection to “squeeze in” to one of their 12… you heard me… 12 stools that line the counter of this itty-bitty-booty-committee eatery. Big or little booty… that’s all the real estate you get to belly up to the best burger around. 

Featured on the Food Network, in Guy Fieri’s new Diner book and in many issues of Sacramento’s “Best of” the Squeeze Inn is an institution that is being squeezed OUT of their current small and not easily handicapped accessible location to move to a larger place in just one week. Knowing this we took the jaunt from West Roseville to South Sac (no easy drive I’ll say) so I could experience “The Squeeze” in all of its original glory.  We got there early to avoid the crowd and I’m glad we did because within minutes of me ordering my first “Squeeze with Cheese” people began descending en masse and the wait for the perfect cheese busting burger was building to its frenzied finale.

There is was before me… a 1/3 pound all beef patty covered in just about as much cheese melted and fried to a crispy cheese ring (or cheese skirt as they call it) all around my burger! I had to break off sheets of the cheese, fold them in half and eat like a quesadilla with no tortilla just to get to my burger.  Then the BURGER! Oh good LORD the burger.  It couldn’t get any better than this. But I was in for one more surprise.

We sat enjoying our burgers and defending our place at the bar against the throngs of hungry Squeeze-heads waiting when the coolest thing happened. Some kids who had been there for quite a while to get three stools together suddenly rose and gave their hard earned spots to a few Army soldiers who had just arrived for lunch. They did so without hesitation and with obvious love and pride in their hearts. It was a truly beautiful act of selflessness and honor to those who fight for our country and I was deeply touched to have witnessed it. To those bitter adults who think the youth of our nation has no sense of good manners, patriotism or respect I say look again. Maybe it was just seats at a burger joint but these kids have shown me our American spirit is alive and well… in ALL generations. Keep it up kids… I believe in you!

We topped off our CRAZY good burger fest with a showing of Avatar 3-D (which I LOVED but won’t bother you about… we KNOW, we KNOW… its a great film) some light shopping for a new mattress (spent flopping around on various beds like an out of water tuna) culminating in a toasty fire and a cuddle down on the couch with my latest and greatest body cream from Meg’s to pamper myself. All and all pretty much a perfect day to relive ala’ Groundhog’s Day. Punxsutawney Phil would be pea green with envy!

Aura Cacia’s Aromatherapy Ginger/Mint Body Cream has been my scent obsession every night since I received it. Perfect for my scent-sibilities it’s just heaven to me. The Ginger is aromatic and soothing, the mint invigorating and delicious. I just LOVE it and more than even applying it I find myself opening the generous sized jar just to take a huge whiff. I guess that’s the point of aromatherapy right? It’s available in lavender and patchouli/sweet orange as well so we’ll have to hear from other reviewers to see how they liked them. I for one, am nuts for the scent and the consistency of this cream. Sometimes I like a SUPER heavy and thick cream, like the one’s I use on my feet to go to bed in and in that case I like a heady and deep scent. But this light and non-greasy cream, that I’m keeping downstairs for application whenever my little heart desires, does the trick for every day because I can apply and go about my day without having slippery hands to work with.  It’s just SO refreshing and energizing!

I’ve reviewed Aura Cacia’s Sweet Almond Oil before so I’m obviously already a fan because that stuff is just ALL around wonderful in so many ways. This product simply adds to my love of Aura Cacia’s quality ingredients and quality company philosophies. Using only the highest caliber of 100% pure of essential oils, sustainable sources, ingredients that are natural and organic and that avoid synthetics to the highest extent possible, you can be sure to get what you pay for and know what it is you really are getting. Aura Cacia has full ingredients disclosure, strives for strict environmental practices and never, ever tests on animals!

Enjoying a good cream is like enjoying a good wine. Find one that tickles your senses, promotes the perfect mood, and of course leaves you feeling just a little bit decadent and you’ve got a winner. Aura Cacia’s Ginger/Mint had me at first whiff and like that glass of wine was just the perfect ending to my perfect almost Groundhog Day! GLAM ON!!

Which ones of the Aura Cacia products have you ladies used?
What do you think?

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