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feetreiiefStacy B here! Anyone who has had a job, a relationship or basically a life, knows we have to bite our tongues sometimes and look the other way and sometimes we run into a deal breaker. Like a cheating boyfriend, a friend who steals from you, or a boss who harasses you.
I went to a favorite restaurant and my waitress dropped an entire cup of tea (iced, thankfully!) all over me, my coat and the table. Deal breaker? Nope, not for me because I know it was not her fault, she was mortified and the restaurant is normally perfect. I forgave and still frequent the place. That was my ‘look the other way’ moment and I’m totally OK with that. Life doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. We all have a flaw!
I’ve been married for 5 years now and I have definitely overlooked some flaws. John, if you are reading this, you are not flawed at all, I’m taking creative liberty. Kiss I married him because he had no deal breakers. At least in my book.  But here’s something that might have sent many ladies running for the hills. He will not give me a foot massage. Nope. None. Not even when I was 16 months pregnant and my toes were the size of a baseball bat handle from carrying around a full grown human inside me. Not when I was working retail in between jobs and was on my feet for 22 hours a day. And especially not with a massage oil or cream because that would make ‘his hands slimy and feet-smelling” Yes, I’m serious. I finally got him to do it, but I had to keep my socks on, there was no massage ‘goo’ and he complained the whole time. Feel my pain ladies.
So, when I got this week’s product: Feet Relief Massage Creme I tortured him for about a week by telling him the only way I could write an honest and realistic post for Meg was if he gave me a foot massage, with creamy massage goo! Then, he had a really stressful week at work and found out he had to go to Switzerland for a week and he hates flying. I felt bad and took matters into my own hands.
This massage cream is from Aubrey Organics, which means natural ingredients and I love it already. It’s supposed to soothe, moisturize and warm. I got 2 out of 3 of those. It definitely moisturized, it soaked in pretty well and really made my skin feel soft. Especially after not rubbing it totally in and sleeping with socks on. My toes and heels were smooth and moisturized the next morning. I’ve been using this for a few weeks, two or three times a week and my feet really feel good. After a long summer of sandals, flip flops and heels, I needed it. It was a good recovery lotion, I felt my skin was renewed.
The soothing was probably mostly the actual massaging I was doing. Yes me, not hubby, he was too distracted with his trip to pick up on my guilt vibes. It didn’t warm though. I expected a warming, tingling sensation and I got nothing. But, I’m OK with that, I didn’t need the warming to get the other benefits.
The only bad thing was the smell was really strong. And I mean REALLY strong, and it was heavily floral and perfumed and a little earthy. My husband said it smelled like “old people’s home.” Nice. Which just strengthened his argument that he would never touch it. I’m painting a great picture of my wonderful better half, aren’t I? He’s really great, I swear! And he’s bringing me Swiss chocolates!
It is really strong and that keeps me from using it more than a few times a week. Other than that, for an organic product I am pretty pleased. Especially at less than $7! Normally I like my foot creams really thick and this is more like a regular lotion, but that just encourages more massaging. I hope those of you in relationships have a partner that will take care of your pretty feet!

What foot creme keeps your tootsies touch worthy?

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