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Every week Chichi brings you the latest and greatest eco-friendly beauty products on Green Chi Tuesday! Today we are rounding out our reviews of the amazing Aromafloria and their line of all natural bath, body and home products. Once again a huge thank you to Ellen and all of the generous people at Aromafloria for the bounty of products we received for our testers here at megsmakeup. As you may recall, we have already reviewed Aromafloria’s Stress Less Bath and Body line, as well as the Sensory Fusion Home line and their Bath Salts and Bath Milks. I’ve saved the best for last, as today we will be reviewing Aromafloria’s Shower Scrubs and Body Butters available in an array of fantastic scents and styles. As always, keep in mind that Aromafloria products are all natural, vegan-based and preservative free. All of their packaging is environmentally sound and recyclable.

As far as “saving the best for last”, that is just my personal love of sugar and/or salt scrubs and body butters! If you check out the links above, you will see that all of the Aromafloria products received rave reviews. It’s just that I am a morning showerholic. I can’t start my day without a shower; it’s as vital for me as my daily latte. Plus, with summer just around the corner, you can count on Aromafloria to provide you with reasonably priced body scrubs and body butters to leave you with soft, glistening skin and ready to face tank tops and bathing suits!

With the days getting warmer, I was more than ready to test out my Aromafloria scrubs and butters. As I was stocking my shower with the fabulous stash of Aromafloria products, I was amazed to discover I didn’t have an inch of shower space to spare. My shower was in desperate need of a spring-cleaning. How did I ever take a shower in the 80’s without my collection of bath and body products? Growing up, the shelf in my shower stall was practically empty. Sitting on the ledge was a matching set of Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner (my junior high version of a high end hair care set) and one bar of the classic Ivory soap for washing both face and body. When I reached an age that I needed to shave regularly, I added a Pink Daisy disposable razor to the shelf and swiped my Dad’s shaving cream when he wasn’t looking. When I take a look into my shower today, it is overflowing with shampoos, conditioners, bar soaps, liquid soaps and assorted creams, gels and bottles. Ironically, I end up using these items less than I would like because I can never find what I need in my morning rush.

I spent some time clearing away my empties and making a collection of slightly used products for my friends to take their picks. I left only my current favorite shampoo and conditioner, one bar of soap and a bath gel. Then I placed my newly acquired Aromafloria Muscle Soak Sugar Salt Glow Body Scrub and the Aromafloria Mango Ginger Warming Sugar Polish front and center. My arms (especially the elbows) and my chest have greatly benefited from this fast clean sweep. I’ve been using both of these exfoliating beauties on a regular basis, followed with my Aromafloria Mango Ginger Body Butter and my skin is free of flakes, soft and moisturized. Tank top season, here I come!

Our testers received a variety of body butters and scrubs in all of Aromafloria’s exotic scents. They will be here shortly to give you their thoughts on these eco-friendly products. My favorite was the Aromafloria Mango Ginger Warming Sugar Polish which surrounds me with the scent of fresh summer fruit every time I open the jar. This 97% organic scrub contains pure ginger oil which increases circulation when applied to the skin, while organic
sugarcane, fresh mango and seaweed hydrate and pamper your body and mind.
I especially loved how the scrub warms up as you use it – it’s great for chilly mornings. When I get out of the shower, I use a small dollop of Aromafloria Mango Ginger Body Butter anywhere I need some extra moisture. Filled with shea and aloe, the ginger in this butter continues to warm the body, while quickly sinking into my skin. The delicate fruit scent (not
sugary at all) is wonderful all day long. Oh and for the Mom’s out there, Aromafloria claims this butter minimize(s) the appearance of stretch marks!!

Finally, if you’re in the need of a pick-me-up, I highly recommend the Aromafloria Muscle Soak Sugar Salt Glow Body Scrub. I’ve been cleaning and painting my bedroom and this tube of joy always leaves me feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a hard day. I love that it is packaged in a simple tube for easy use and application (Attn: Beauty Companies – please package body scrubs in tubes more often!) The invigorating scrub is filled with Organic Sugar Cane and Manuka Honey to exfoliate and soften your body. The fresh, herbal scents of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemongrass leave both my mind and body energized and refreshed. This would be great for an after workout shower or when you’re feeling tired and sore.

Ladies, let us know if Aromafloria’s body scrubs made you clear some space in your shower! If you received an Aromafloria body butter, please let us know if it helped to get your body into summertime shape!

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