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Greetings to all of you megsmakeup readers! It’s time for another Green Chi Tuesday with Chichi. So, we are right in the thick of it now! Every year I vow not to get too caught up and stressed about the Holiday season. But sometime between finding, buying, wrapping and shipping the perfect presents, sending out Holiday cards, squeezing in all sorts of holiday get togethers (for which I needs a great outfit, flawless make-up and fabulous hair) and packing for a week long trip home to Pennsylvania…I end up getting really stressed out! Luckily, the serene Ellen of Aromafloria sent us a huge shipment of their 100% natural, eco-friendly and aromatherapeutic products. This amazing company was founded on the rich heritage of aromatherapy as a means of achieving wellness. We’ll be starting appropriately enough with their Stress Less Line of bath and body products. Be on the look out in the future weeks for more reviews on this gorgeously green company.

Before I tell you about the Stress Less line, I wanted to share some wisdom I have gained over the years on how to enjoy a happy, stress free holiday season.

Stop Obsessing Over Your Gift List! I know that the true meaning of the holidays is not about the presents. But sometimes I worry far too much over finding the perfect gift for my family and friends. I get oddly paralyzed and doubt my instincts and I can’t make a decision to buy any gift because it’s just not quite perfect. Finally, Bunny or Desertdoll will be like “Just buy something and stop thinking about it! I’m sure they’ll love it.” And than I remember that I’m buying things for people I love (and who love me) and oh yeah, I know them fairly well, so they will like this present. Guess what? They always do (at least that’s what they say).

It’s OK to say “No” There’s only so many Holiday events that you can attend. And it’s really hard to enjoy the beauty of the season when you’re running around the town (or possibly the state or even the county) trying to fulfill every invitation you receive. Pick the ones that are important to you and can be reasonably fitted into your schedule. The one good thing about this party-heavy season is you can use a “prior obligation” as an excuse (I’m so sorry, but that’s the same night as my hubby’s work party) and than stay home sipping eggnog, eating cookies and watching Rudolph for the 100th time.

Savor the Moment Ok, this one sounds a little corny but it’s still true. Take some time to slow down, relax and enjoy your time with your family and friends. A few years ago, my older sister (Elizabeth, an amazing home-schooling Mom) made a radical change to the normal Christmas day frenzy. They used to spend the day rushing from one place to another after a quick Christmas morning rip-fest by the kids. Elizabeth decided Christmas was meant to spend at home, enjoying the day with the kids. Anyone who wanted to share that time was gladly invited to their home, but they weren’t going out. We now spend a happy and leisurely day savoring a day with our family. We spread out the opening of gifts so that it lasts all day. We start bright and early with the stockings and a small gift or two, eat a yummy breakfast, and then open up some more gifts. By then we’re all down on the floor trying to put together the kids latest toys – batteries, boxes, stickers and bubble wrap everywhere. Then it’s time for an afternoon meal, followed by another wave of unwrapping presents. It’s an awesome day to share with my nieces and nephews and overall a very happy, relaxing and stress-free day. So, decide what’s important for you to do during the holiday season and then really make the most of and enjoy those moments!

Of course, sometimes the demands of the season may still stress you out and luckily Aromafloria’s Stress Less line has come to our rescue! This group of bath products is chock full of relaxing, therapeutic scents like lavender, chamomile and sage. Intended to calm worries, relieve anxiety and generate a sense of well-being. The Stress Less blend is designed to help you unwind and rebalance the body’s energy flow. Choices include a foamy Bubble Bath, the sudsy Body Wash, an invigorating foaming Salt Glow Polish and Ocean Mineral Bath Salts. Our testers will be along soon to give you their reviews on these luxurious bath products. In the mean time, you need to know that all of Aromafloria’s products use environmentally sound packaging and are never tested on animals and that their goal in producing their products is to harvest herbs and botanicals in harmony with protecting indigenous cultures and the entire ecosystem.

Ladies, please let us know if your holiday stress level has been reduced with Aromafloria’s Aromatherapy!

Aromafloria – Buy it Here!

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