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for feet's sake - aromafloriaJasmine Simone here!
So okay, I’m going to be honest with you. Mani-pedis are not high on my importance list. Truth be told I would rather spend my money on grooming and salon visits than paying money to get my stubby, bitten fingernails or my toes that I could do myself. Though I go in for pampering every so often, I personally have no problem with bare nails as long as they are neatly trimmed (and even that could probably use a little more attention from me…) However, as one can imagine, this laissez-faire attitude doesn’t do much for the more specific aesthetic features upon closer inspection. Now don’t get me wrong: from far away everything looks great, but I admit that the skin on my hands and feet could be a bit smoother and more supple to the touch.

In comes Aromafloria’s For Feet’s Sake Foot Butter. Off the bat, I was stoked about trying it. I had noticed lately, that the skin on the bottom of my feet were somewhat rough and scaly, especially on my heels. Not as much of a turn-off as a notable to my boyfriend. (I guess I can’t get mad at him for his honest opinion, but his feet are so padded with dead skin that they are like panda paws – “yeah but I need it – good for walking barefoot to the beach,” he says… humph!) This cream comes chocked full of nourishing ingredients. You all know my penchant for wholesome beauty products and the Feet’s Sake recipe definitely fits the bill: shea butter and many essential oils and soothing plant extracts, including my fave, peppermint, that is always a pleasant addition to my beauty products as it stimulates circulation to area which is applied.

After using it for almost two weeks, I have to say that there has been a marked improvement, though not “instantly”  as quoted on the back of the bottle. But it was pretty darned close! After about 5 days, I really started to notice a difference. The dead skin on the bottom of my feet began peeling away, especially after a shower or a soak in my bf’s hot tub. Though I was instructed to use it at night, I applied it in various situations to see what I liked best. The peppermint smell is light and aromatic that actually had a calming effect on me, which is really nice right before I fell asleep.

My final recommendation is to use it at night as suggested. It is pretty concentrated and when applied to the feet and then covered with socks it makes your feet hot and a little sweaty (although the persperation just smelled like peppermint which isn’t all bad right?? (I know, I know… I can just hear “Ewwww!” from you all while reading this, hehe!) But when used before bed, it gets a chance to soak in and you wake up with your feet a little softer with a mild peppermint aroma which is great in my honest opinion! Here I would even suggest using socks if you want to intensify the effects – I rather liked using it in this manner although my feet did feel slightly clammy in the morning – but the effects were slightly more amplified as well which made it worthwhile in my book. I must say that my final verdict gives Feet’s Sake two big toes up; it will be a welcome addition to my beauty regimen to help keep my feet supple in between pedicures.

What product(s) do you all use to keep your piggies happily groomed?

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