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aromafloriadryoilIt’s finally a bit cooler down here in the South and Goddess Granny is finally happy! I don’t know ANY living thing that would enjoy never ending days of 100 degree heat unless it’s a native Texan and even the one I live with is weary of the heat so we’re embracing the cooler breezes and slight snap in the air! I can however, literally look out my windows at the three fields and a vineyard that surround my house and see “dust-devils.” Artistic little creations of nature that consist of yes, DUST in the form of small funnel-clouds that whirl and swirl across the open spaces  and then usually end up somewhere IN my house…it’s beyond dry outside and my poor skin and hair also need moisture asap!

I refuse to accept,of course, that the dryness I am experiencing has anything to do with “age”. I’ve been going to great lengths to try and get the plumpness back where little lines are showing up! I soak and slather and even do the “Vaseline and white cotton ankle socks” look at night. It does help inspire of the commentary and laughter I am subjected to but what to do about the REST of me without risking greasy sheets and raised eyebrows? There is something to be said for sleeping solo so a girl CAN indulge in overnight beauty extras like sponge curlers, cotton gloves and socks. Things like gooey creams and conditioners left on for the long haul not subject to explanation or judgement!

Recently I shared the fabulous “first step” to getting one’s skin in glowing shape when I reviewed Aromafloria’s amazing “Salt/Sugar Scrub Exfoliating Treatment” and many of you LOVED the pure ingredients and generous portions of product for the price! Aromafloria leads the way in their green certified,wonderfully sourced,and vegan ingredients and again,I because I truly care what goes onto my skin as much as what I put into my body,it’s a huge plus when companies invest in the best ingredients  for their customers! My saving grace in recent days has been their FABULOUS Healing Waters Body Smoothing Treatment. An incredible dry-oil spray that leaves my skin silky and smooth and most importantly, looking MUCH younger and healthier than before I apply it!

Gorgeous oils and vitamins “elegantly entwine” in a product that is convenient and classy! This is a physician-formulated product intended to replace what nature and harsh conditions remove from your body-skin and the results are an improvement that you can instantly feel and see! Your skin is hydrated and just feel like it “fits” you better once the nourishing oils and vitamins begin to soak in…you simply spray it on after the shower or bath or anytime you feel you need some extra moisture (in my case, it’s closer than my phone these days)and gently massage to help it absorb right in!

The scent is so lovely: sort of citrus-y but with that “expensive spa-only blend” quality you simply don’t get when chemicals and fillers are in the mix and although it won’t conflict with whatever else you use. I’ve used it alone and received compliments on how great I smell. I love Aromafloria’s clean,crisp site, you can almost sense how pure and nice what they create is just from browsing around and enjoying the soothing color-scheme! Buy this LOVELY hydrating dry-oil spray here and again,you get a lot for your investment in terms of quality and product! A few sprays will cover everything perfectly and leave that gorgeous natural moisture-barrier all over you all day!

I always put down a towel first to absorb any over spray. I tend to really indulge…this is also a GREAT spray to use on your legs for one of my little beauty “tricks”: Spray your legs and let the “Body Smoothing Treatment” work it’s magic while it absorbs and gives you a glow! THEN take a puff with a bit of Urban Decay’s “Sparkling Body Powder” (I adore Marshmallow…) and apply to the fronts of your shins and the back of your calves…it will give you a polished “no hose” look that also slims and defines a bit and you’ll be ready to slip into those sparkly shoes with your best legs forward for sure!

I am becoming a BIG fan of dry-oil body sprays as they are travel-friendly and multipurpose and Aromafloria’s has everything you need to get the BEST skin regardless of the elements!

Have you tried a dry-oil body spray to banish the dryness and don’t you also appreciate Aromafloria’s commitment to giving us all the best in exclusive body products because they are exceptionally pure?

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