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aromafloriahealingwatersscrubIt was really interesting to read the responses to the recent posts on “facial exfoliation!” Some like me, Goddess Granny, can’t live without an occasional scrub or peel. Some feel they are simply one more step or too invasive…I learn a LOT while researching and reading. I’d have to say that when it comes to “facial exfoliation, there are pros and cons: as long as you are cleansing everyday with appropriate products, nature will eventually take care the sloughing-off process for you. If you wear a a lot of makeup and/or sweat excessively, I truly think that using products designed to get rid of the dead cell debris asap are beneficial. It results in a “better” skin surface faster…just my two cents! That’s why I LOVE that there are so many options and wouldn’t it be a bore if one thing or process was the gold standard for us all? I would have a lot more room in my bathroom if I could edit the products to perfection…

However…and you knew this was coming, the skin on our body IS our “largest organ!” Everything we use and how we take care of it makes a difference inside and out! I do believe in purity and the healing powers of natural ingredients when it comes to body-care products. If you’ve never experienced the dubious “thrill” of an allergic reaction to laundry soap or lotion, you are among the lucky few! I really pay attention to the “what” of it all when it comes to selecting my much-adored bath and products. My entire day’s mood can be made or devastated depending on what I smear on the the shower…lame, I know but it’s the little things…right? I like to know that what I’m using is as lovely as what I intend to wear and go about my day or night! I CARE about texture and scent and I really care that the products I use WORK as intended with great results!

For 30 years, Sharon Christie has studied aromatherapy as well as pharmacology and is one of those beautiful rare-birds that “gets” both the clinical AND the purest aesthetic value in ingredients and the resulting products: since 1985,WAY before the “trend of the green!” Christie’s “Aromafloria” line has been formulated with the finest in certified organic ingredients and holistic healing oils: these products have been favored by many top spas and this luxurious combination of “nature and science” results in some of THE most beautiful and effective body-care products on the market! The line has been featured in many prominent publications and the amazing range of products will have you covered from head to toes with green-goodness that is also exceptionally lovely!

I am a big believer in the power of scent to heal as well as hydro-therapy even if it’s in one’s own bathtub. The “Aromafloria” website, an education in green-elegance, perfectly describes the “best” way to release soothing-scents into a bath. Which temperature under their “Aromatherapy 101” section! I DO without a second thought, believe that exfoliation of the skin on our bodies is a must for health and vanity. Dry brushing has been used since Roman Times to release toxins, get rid of dry cells and to allow healing scents and waters to be better absorbed into the body…

“Healing Waters Body Exfoliation Treatment”, which comes packaged in a solid plastic tub containing an unbelievable 22 ounces of product is in a word: divine! It’s a combination of BOTH salt and sugar in a gentle scrub with a refreshing light yet definite scent of herbs and citrus that makes skin glow and feel like satin with almost ridiculously no effort! It’s 100% Vegan and every possible concern or care one might have about purity,or testing or ingredients is simply perfection! This amazing product releases healing oils as you gently scrub and because it’s so dense and “active” you really don’t need to use much for spectacular results! It wakes up your senses and your skin will feel like a day AT the spa after toweling off…muscle aches are gone and again, your skin is at it’s very best, clean and refreshed and you’ll smell fabulous! It’s made a HUGE difference in the quality of my overly-dry skin lately and I scramble to look for it before every shower…I need a jar in every room! Take the “slippery” caution to heart, this product is LOADED with yummy oils so use care and don’t turn your shower into a slip n slide! I WANT the resulting silky skin for sure and you need no other creams or lotions after a scrub with this grainy-goodness!

Buy it here: the “Aromafloria” website is so crisp and there’s a wealth of information as well as a menu of gorgeous products to enjoy! Very generous sizes and great pricing for such luxury products!:

my skin is “nice” before I get ready to face the world and this “Body Exfoliating Treatment” absolutely guarantees that you’ll be SO soft and smooth that anything you slide on over it will feel as well as look nicer by contrast! There is nothing better than to start now to get our skin ready for the “Winter” ahead! I love knowing that under those black opaque tights,my legs and the rest of me will be baby soft and smooth! I ADORE a great body smoothing treatment,especially one that’s as pure and effective as “Aromafloria’s!”

So tell me, do you also LOVE to scrub away the crud and replace it  with amazing body-licious skin?

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