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Meg here and I have a secret to tell you. Some inside information…

I have stupid apple magnets all over my fridge!”

“If I get one more lame apple picture frame I’m going to scream!”

“Seriously, like I’m going to wear apple earrings?”

“Thanks for this bedazzled apple sweatshirt. Yes, so clever. Awesome.”

Um, if you’re looking for a teacher’s gift and you don’t want them to off themselves, please divert from the cutesy apple schwag. A. You’re not being original. B. Or get them something ridiculous like Apple’s Ipad Mini. They hate that apple swag crap. Trust me. Apple stock or Ipad not in the budget? Then shake it up. Stand out, bring them pumpkin.

Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion is a beautiful testament to an underpaid, noble woman that probably doesn’t have an extra $48 to spend to pamper herself. The package is excellent, the brand is organic and it looks and feels like luxury.

You could paper me in thousand dollar bills and sprinkle diamonds on top and I’m still not spending more than 30 minutes in a room full of seven year olds, so listen up…

I don’t have the greatest sniffer, it probably doesn’t help that my first words were “does anyone have a lighter?” I applied Arcona’s Pumpkin Body Lotion on. It’s not greasy or sticky and dries almost instantly, my skin felt soft and healthy. 

The scent? Um, google Men and Pumpkin scent. Honest to God, articles come up that say “Men are more aroused by pumpkin pie than your favorite perfume.” Blood flows quicker to a man’s second head with the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon more than anything. Google it. I speak the truth. Just in case your child is in the care of a single, spinster educator with lots of cats-help a woman out!

Because I take my job very seriously, I did some reasearch walking around the Rage Cage (my house) yelling “Smell me you guys!!” I even stopped my neighbors doing laundry and asked them to take a whiff of my arms. This girl will stop at nothing I tell you…

“Ooh, you smell like the holidays, yummy holidays.”

“I detect some clove I think, I love clove.”

“you smell like a high end Bath and Body works at Christmas.”

“Um, YUM! Can I have some?”

Aren’t those responses much better than the apple ones? It gets better…

For two days, (Friday, November 23rd and Saturday, November 24th), customers will be able to purchase all of their favorite ARCONA products at 40% off through, in-studio (425 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401) or by phone (877.272.6620). Stock up on all of the products in your skincare routine or get an early start on Christmas gifts for friends and family!

Please see below for additional specifics regarding this Black Friday promotion.


  • 2-day sale (Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24)
  • 40% off any ARCONA product 
  • Purchases are final sale
  • Customers can purchase in-studio (425 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401), online (, or over the phone (877.272.6620)

So tell me! What do you gift your kid’s teachers? How awesome is a 40% OFF Savings!!

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