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arconaYou know how they say that you “always want what you don’t have” when it comes to your looks? I am content with a few of the major/minor ingredients that make this Goddess Granny “what” she is but damn, I absolutely got that short end of the beauty-godmother’s magic wand when it comes to skin that will even tolerate the sun long enough for anything resembling a glow. Combine that lil’ sordid detail with another factoid: most self tanners either turn my “alabaster” (nicer word for flippin’ pasty!) skin into a mess that resembles a Pollock work of art or cause skin reactions that leave me with rashes or bumps…I have even considered that enough red-bumps in a row might allow people to think I had a sunburn? The definition of desperate, I know.

Once again my beauty-godmother Meg came to my rescue in the form of an elegant frosted tube that contains “Arcona bronzer/Self Tanner”…I think I actually tossed it aside like old shoe when she handed it to me because seriously, my experiences with any product that promised to allow me to wear a skirt without black opaque tights have been less than satisfying but it was a gorgeous day in Dallas and I was resigned to give it a go. Besides, I had forgotten to pack black tights…

This exceptional skin care line is the brainchild of a chemist and pioneer in holistic skin care before it became “cool”: her name actually is Arcona and her fabulous spa in LA has been servicing celebs and those in the circle of “all that is amazing” since 1989. Their unique approach to skin care and beauty includes the philosophy that everyone regardless of age can have beautiful skin without harsh treatments or resorting to cosmetic surgery. They use only cosmeceutical-grade ingredients and create their products in small batches to insure quality and to preserve the effectiveness. Arcona leaves out EVERYTHING that can cause any sort of reaction or potential damage to the skin and I can only imagine how rigorous their product-development and processing standards really ARE! The resulting products and treatments have gained a huge following of devoted users and after reading the info on the website and trying my first Arcona product,I am impressed even beyond my usual degree of excitement! These are pure and luxurious products that deliver!

This bronzer/self tanner is different from the opening-act: NO chemical or cover up smell, only a light, clean, slighty citrusy scent and the texture is that of a fine serum rather than a gloppy cream, sure to clog spray, messy foam, or lotion that turns out to be impossible to blend evenly. It applies with a silky feel and blends effortlessly. You don’t need a lot of product because it covers so evenly and smoothly. An immediate LIGHT shimmery glow appears and your skin doesn’t look spray painted or as if painted some alien shade of tan or orange It’s just more vibrant, evenly-toned, smooth and gorgeous. Even on my battle scared legs it smoothed out the ugly-bits beautifully and subtly! This isn’t like any other bronzing product I’ve tried: instead of drying the skin, it hydrates and nourishes with shea butter, vitamin E and luscious grape seed extract. You are actually treating your skin while you enjoy satiny-smoth and slightly glammed-up skin! I was then and remain in awe.

The Arcona bronzer will gently and again and most importantly evenly give you a VERY natural looking color after a few hours and as with any product like this,be sure to exfoliate before and wash your hands after for best results.I wish I could give you a product to compare it with but honestly? I find it to be incomparable and exceptional: I have never used a bronzer/self-tanner than is more elegant or that applies so beautifully and I certainly haven’t ever used one that allowed me to look like the majority of the glowing population with such beautiful and sexy-glam results! I am in love with this shining star of a product and promise you that it will be in constant use over the next few months! Also, just today I discovered that the “fade” of the bronzer is so subtle and gradual without any bizarre little color-dots or obvious changes that you don’t even notice it.

Buy it here and get ready to glow like you’ve been on the most fabulous vacation-beach in the world without any of the damage or nasty side effects!

I can’t believe I have something in my hands that works so perfectly on me! Do you have a favorite way to glow or would you give anything to be able to have that golden-girl look for a few hours?

Buy It Here!

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